Conrad Black’s New Book on Rush Limbaugh’s Summer Reading List

Lord Conrad Black’s new book, “Donald J. Trump: A President Like no Other” has made it on to Rush Limbaugh’s reading list. Read below for what he said about Conrad and the book, on his show – it’s a transcript:  

Conrad Black — who is a friend of mine for quite a while — has a new book.  It’s just out.  Conrad thinks it’s short. (interruption) What are you laughing at?

It’s 256 pages, and Conrad says, “Hey, it’s a small book.  It won’t…” (laughing) The 256 pages is small.  Conrad Black is Canadian.  He is a former media baron.  He owned the Jerusalem Post, the Canada Post or Canada…? The major newspaper in Canada at the time.  He is a real-world intellectual.  By that I mean he’s an intellectual who will not be off-putting to people.  He’s fascinating.  You sit there and you listen and you marvel, and sometimes you want to burst out laughing when you’re not supposed to.  Sometimes you just can’t stop soaking it all in.There’s nobody like Conrad Black.  He wrote a book…  I remember the last Conrad book I recommended to you was Flight of the Eagle, and it was about the strategic beginnings of this country during the days of the founding, and it focused a lot on George Washington in ways Washington is usually not written about.  Now, Conrad Black has been writing pro-Trump columns at National Review for a year and a half now.  But he was early all-in on Trump, and I frankly… I’m gonna be interviewing Conrad for the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter.

It will be the week after I got back, or next week, and I’m gonna let you in on a question I’m gonna ask him, because it fascinates me. “Conrad…” Actually, if you knew him, and if you heard him speak, you would think that Conrad is of the establishment, and you would think that Conrad Black would look at Donald Trump and would say, “Don’t you ever darken my door.  Do not ever come into my house.  You are a reprobate!”  But it’s the exact opposite.

Conrad Black thinks that Donald Trump is going to be the most memorable and perhaps the greatest president in the history of the United States.  He is unabashed in his support for Trump.  He is fearless in his explanations of Trump.  He has done business with Trump.  He’s been friends with Trump for years.  He loves Donald Trump.  Donald Trump does not offend him.  It’s one of the many ways that Conrad Black, if you knew him, would surprise you.  But he’s totally all-in.  The title of his book is Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other.

He does believe that Trump is already one of the greatest characters, one of the most delicious characters to follow in all of American history.  The fact that he has become president is icing on the cake.  He thinks nobody — nobody — could do what Trump is doing.  Ignore the ruling elite, ignore its arrogance, come in and — in a relative overnight period of time — totally begin the process of reorienting and fixing America against the greatest odds any president has faced since Washington.

As he says, “It’s not a long book. It’s not heavy. It’s only 256 pages.”  His biographies of Nixon and FDR are 800 pages, 700… (interruption) I know.  Conrad’s Nixon biography is all-consuming, absorbing, and it’s sympathetic. It’s supportive.  Conrad Black’s somebody you should seek out anyway.  Just find things that he’s written and read them.  I guarantee you your vocabulary will skyrocket.  He will not intimidate you.  It’s not like some writers use words purposely so that you won’t know what they’re talking about.  Conrad wants you to know what he’s saying.  Fascinating.  So here we have Overkill, by Ted Bell, a novel.