Arjun Basu

How do you create content strategy that your customers are going to care about?

The answer is simple, says Arjun Basu, acclaimed author, founder of arbaStrategies and former SVP of Content Strategy at Bookmark Content, a global content and communications company. ( A part of Spafax ). And what is this simple answer to creating content your customers will care about….? Well- for over 20 years, Arjun has had one mantra when it comes to content marketing: Make Good Stuff. Why? Because…

Without strategy content is just stuff. And the world has enough stuff.  Arjun says: Every brand is a bold idea made human. A message that speaks to someone. A spark that connects. A story that resonates.  With that in mind, Arjun tells his audiences, with his story tellers’ cadence and entertaining style, what the content marketing world needs to do to rise above the clutter to be seen, and heard… To Make Good Stuff.

Over the past 20 years, Arjun has worked with some of the worlds most iconic brands, such as Air Canada, Mercedes Benz, Bombardier Business Aircraft, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Investors Group, The Canadian Tourism Commission (now Discover Canada), Tourism Toronto (now Destination Toronto), British Airways, Swiss Airlines, Flexjet, Bain Ultra, Bell, Malaysian Airlines, American Institute of Chartered Public Accountants, and many more.


Arjun believes brand is at the heart of a successful organization, and that communicating your brand is powerful… and that successful brands communicate their brand story efficiently and effectively.