Ben Wells & Lee Kagan

Lee and Ben are two of the newest, sharpest keynote speakers in the cyber security space today. As co-founders of RedBlack Cyber Security, they make an intimidating subject, cyber security, easy to understand – and they make it fun, too!

In their presentation, Lee & Ben are going to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, because they are going to show how unprotected online you really are. Think that “firewall” or last year’s anti virus software is protecting your computer? Think only your friends are checking you out on facebook? Ummm…No. But worry not; The RedBlack team is here to help.

Lee and Ben aim to prove that great IT security isn’t something reserved for only fortune 500 companies with massive budgets. Mixing humour, information and anecdotes, attendees will walk away from the talk with a new found understanding of what real cyber security looks like. They will also show both sides of the Cyber Security world; the good ( that’s them ) and the bad ( the hackers looking to steal your private information or your company’s corporate secrets.). This is a talk for everyone – and is a must hear in today’s digitally connected world. Protect yourself or your company, or both, by having Lee and Ben speak at your next event!