Brian Lee Crowley

There is probably no one more passionate and engaged in Canadian federal policy analysis than Brian Lee Crowley. He is an author, and the Managing Director of Canada’s #1 think tank, the McDonald Laurier Institute.  In fact, the MLI has just received the 2018 Prospect Magazine Think Tank Award for Best North America Social Think Tank.

Want to hear about Immigration Reform? Canada – US relations? Our national debt? Foreign Affairs? If it’s a national Canadian issue, you can bet Brian Lee Crowley has researched the topic at length!
Whether you are looking for a powerful speaker to energize your audience, a stimulating and thoughtful public intellectual to engage your board in a private discussion about global and national issues, or a tough but constructive moderator to lead your group through a challenging direction-setting discussion, Brian Crowley will get the job done – and make you look good while doing it.