Brian Lilley

Brian Lilley, former host of “Beyond the News”, examines and analyzes all the relevant news and issues of the day. Brian is currently hosting his own talk radio show on CFRA in Ottawa, ON in the evenings. 

From his talks on national and global politics, to how we are losing our freedoms bit by bit, Brian’s keynote brings wit and insight to your audience, all the while including inside scoops you just won’t hear anywhere else.

His keynote presentation is some of the best news commentary you’ll get anywhere – on all of today’s hot topics – politics, climate change, doctor assisted suicide, the nanny state, vaccinations, wasteful government spending, you name it – Brian is sure enlighten your audience with his nuanced perspective. Brian can fully customize his talk to suit your industry. And make sure your audience has time after for the liveliest Q & A you’ve had in a while!