Celia Farber

Celia Farber is an investigative print reporter who staked out one of the most dangerous and unpopular stories of the last century: How the US government uses imaginary “viruses” as instruments of psychological terror, war, and profit.

At SPIN Magazine, in the late 80s and 90s, her regular dispatches on the obscure war between the emerging AIDS industry and lobby, and the purist scientists who insisted HIV was not the cause of AIDS, caused storms, lawsuits, as well as threats and attempts on her life. But Celia soldiered on, and wrote a book in 2006 that has just been updated and is being re-released in March of 2023. The book is called “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS”. It reads like a mystery novel, and what she had uncovered then, has become almost mandatory reading now; Maybe the world wasn’t ready to hear what Celia had to say then, but they are listening now.  Perhaps Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said it best when he recently said: “… Farber’s research give context to the Covid catastrophe which she all but predicted. Despite the medical cartel’s brutal crusade to silence and vilify her, Farber never compromised. I have found no missteps in her analysis, and I’m happy she has lived to experience her own utter vindication.” 

It is little wonder then, that Celia and her work have been quoted in RFK Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, as well as being prominently featured in interviews in the documentary of the same name. 

Still – Celia doesn’t feel vindicated per se; as a journalist, all she ever really liked to do was to dig deep and do real investigative journalism, and write about people involved. But when Celia speaks, you realize she was never looking for vindication – just to write the truth and share it with the world, which she still does to this day. In fact she loves doing podcasts and live speaking events (Fireside Chat Format preferred) so she can engage with audiences all across the world. 

She says: 

I went from being a ghost of journalism, to being somebody whose experience is of great interest. I came out of the underbelly of American journalism. I came to this country as a foreigner, not understanding how it works. American journalism is basically a pathology. If you’re factually correct, you have to be destroyed. If you are politically correct, you can do anything you want.”

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