Dan Shaffer

Who is Dan Shaffer?

You may know Dan Shaffer from his weekly appearances on the FOX Business Network’s nightly show “Cavuto”.  Others may know him as the publisher of the Shaffer Market Report, a weekly newsletter that offers up to date opinions and commentaries about current market conditions, and the economy. Or, you may know him as the author of the book, “Profiting in Economic Storms: A Historic Guide to Surviving Depression, Deflation, Hyperinflation and Market Bubbles”.

But how you should get to know Dan Shaffer is as a Keynote Speaker for your next event or conference.

Dan has a number of topics about which he speaks with the passion of a motivational speaker.  Whether you want a talk for sales audiences to “master your skills for higher productivity”, (a topic he customizes for financial professionals with great success) or, navigating the markets, or using the power of positive thinking to overcome obstacles in your life, or just to grow your organization, Dan brings his energy and experience to all his talks.  He will also customize his talks, workshops and presentations to suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how Dan can make your event a smashing success!