Michael Skiba – aka “Dr. Fraud”

Why do people cheat? What motivates a white collar criminal? Has your company or industry been scammed by crooks? What are you doing to protect your information now that you are working from home? What are the new the scams the fraudsters are dreaming up during the new normal? (If you said dropping in on your tele-health doctor appointment… you’d be right!).

If you are looking for answers to these questions and want to develop an understanding of the most effective methods to combat fraudulent occurrences, then J. Michael Skiba, aka Dr. Fraud, is the keynote speaker you’ll want to hear. He brings over 20 years of international counter crime experience to the table and reveals key insights on how individuals (both internal and external) take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Dr. Fraud will provide actionable tips and tactics, based on his two decades of insider perspective as an expert on economic crime, on ways to protect yourself from fraudsters that threaten your bottom line and profitability. (Insurance & Financial sectors take note – yours are the most vulnerable to financial losses due to fraud.)