Javed S. Khan

When asked about digital marketing, do your eyes glaze over? Do you respond with a dismissive we aren’t the digital types?
‘Entrepreneurs have nothing to fear,’ says Javed Khan, president of EMpression: A Marketing Services Company ‘only learn how to identify digital marketing trends and build bullet-proof marketing battle plans.’ In his keynote Digital Marketing: Removing The Mystery, Javed sets the direction to optimizing digital marketing opportunities.
When you attend an event, do you pre-plan your networking strategy or swap business cards? With only 10 minutes to make an impression, every minute counts. In his keynote: Business Relationships: Make Them Extraordinary, Javed shares tips on transforming networking into an effective business building activity. Javed is well known as the Small Business CMO. An experienced marketing professional and relationship builder, Javed leaves his audiences entertained, engaged and armed with strategies to grow their business.