Kelley Keehn

Kelley Keehn isn’t just a keynote speaker on how to spend, save, and plan for your future, even in these times of economic uncertainty. Yes – she is renown as a  best-selling author and personal finance educator, media personality and consumer advocate – Kelley is a veteran in the finance industry, who has spent fifteen years as a personal financial educator and over a decade as a financial professional.  But just “speaking” to organizations about money and personal finance is just a part of what Kelley does.  As one of Canada’s most well known financial media personalities, there are multiple ways to collaborate with Kelley beyond a virtual or live keynote. She will work with you to create a multi-pronged strategy to foster your leadership position in the financial industry! Here’s but a sample Kelley can bring to either short or long term partnerships with your organization.


RESEARCH: Assist in the crafting  omnibus surveys, and utilizing research in third party articles, videos and more. 
MEDIA: Assist in turning research results into headlines and press releases that draw the attention of media and industry. Amplify campaigns, where possible, in media interviews. In the past year alone, Kelley has conducted nearly 1,000 TV, radio and print interviews. 
DIGITAL: Cultivate digital marketing opportunities, exploring key sponsored social mentions and information cross sharing. 
RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNITY: Assist in designing and speaking at events tailored for stakeholders, the financial industry and/or general public that can elevate your brand and increase awareness for your messaging. 

There is much more she can do – see below for information on her video and blog series, keynotes, books and more. Speaking of books… Kelley has a new book slated for release later in 2021, called “Rich Girl, Broke Girl”, which is sure to be a hit! 



Kelley Keehn, best-selling author and personal finance educator

Kelley Keehn’s middle name is money, and her mission is to make Canadians feel good about it.  A veteran in the industry, she’s spent fifteen years as a personal financial educator and over a decade as a financial professional, and she’s learned that everyone has money problems. That’s as true for millionaires as it is for people who spend years trying to pay off their student debt.

Kelley is a personal finance educator, speaker, media personality, and the best-selling author of ten books, including, Talk Money to Me, published by Simon and Schuster. She is the personal finance contributor on The Marilyn Denis Show, and previously hosted Burn My Mortgage on the W Network. Kelley has conducted thousands of radio and TV appearances and regularly speaks for some of Canada’s largest corporations. Now, because of the pandemic, she connects with companies, audiences, and media around the globe from her home studio.

Kelley is proud to have served as the Consumer Advocate for FP Canada and was a member of the first National Steering Committee for Financial Literacy. Today she serves on the Ontario Securities Commission Senior Expert Advisory Committee, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s Consumer Protection Advisory Committee.


Speech topics include the following. Contact us for more information, each topic has a full summary. 

  • Talk Money With Me – Five crucial steps to building a healthy relationship with your money
  • Women and Wealth
  • Creating a S.A.F.E. Financial Life – Learn how to protect your family from identity theft and investment fraud
  • Women and Wealth for Financial Professionals
  • Embracing Risk (for women): Conversations with best-selling, award-winning author, Kelley Keehn
  • You Inc. – Nurturing Your Million Dollar Investment


With dynamic presentations designed for professionals, Kelley will share case studies, research and material tested with thousands across North America on how to educate to fulfill the unique needs of varying demographics from women in transition, the sandwich generation to young, high net worth families. Whether for employees or advisors, Kelley will provide you with tangible takeaways that will both inspire and empower your team in connecting with current and potential clients. Past clients have included: BMO Harris Private Bank, CIBC, Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and General Mills. Depending on your needs, Kelley can customize your project by also offering hosting/emcee services, panel discussions, half and full day workshops.

If events are available to the public, Kelley can leverage the media to promote the event. 


Connect with Clients and Consumers ☀
These dynamic digital events are a great way to open conversations with a broader audience, enhance discoverability, and a way to share your message and/or research results. Kelley has done several highly popular activations with Tangerine, the latest in November 2019 garnering over 112M potential reach (with the support of Tangerine and Kelley’s social media teams).

Protecting You and Your Money - a book by Kelley Keehn


Talk Money To Me – COVID Edition

In this new and updated emergency and pandemic-focused edition, Kelley Keehn tackles how to spend, save, and plan for your future, even in times of economic uncertainty.


You can gain control of your debt, learn to save for your future, have a life, and feel good about money all at the same time. And—spoiler alert—you don’t need a budget to do any of this! You’ll learn:

-How to weather economic uncertainty and make wise financial choices during the pandemic
-How to build good credit (and get rid of bad credit—especially credit card debt)
-What all these dreaded acronyms mean and how they can work for you—TFSA, RRSP, RESP, CFP, CPP, CERB
-How and when to invest for your future
-How to talk about money with your partner—and everyone else in your life
-How to save for a mortgage and then work towards being mortgage-free
-How to have fun, splurge once in a while, and still save money