Kenyona “Sunny” Matthews

DIMENSIONS OF “ISMS”: Affirming the Humanity in Us All.  That’s the mantra that Kenyona Matthews lives by, and it’s the positive message she brings to all her talks – which is why her nickname is “Sunny”! She brings passion, light, humility, and an uplifting message to all her talks, that touch the soul and brings out the humanity in us all.

Back in 2016, Kenyona co-founded “Dimensions of Isms” with Ginger Bakos. What started out as a three-part workshop on diversity issues (racism, classism, sexism) grew to become a grassroots organization. The vision for Dimensions of Isms is to bring awareness and progression to societal issues through training in corporate environments, church workshops, speaking engagements, and other civil and social organizations.  Ms. Matthews continues to speak with various organizations throughout the United States including: Tedx Series, Indivisible, Big Love, K thru 12 schools, colleges, non profits, and Women’s March on Washington.

Whether you are looking for a customized anti-racism workshop on how to make your company bias free, or an uplifting keynote on “Inclusion over diversity” in the workplace (and the world!), then Kenyona is your can’t miss speaker that is a must have for 2020 and beyond. Of course, all her talks and workshops are available in the virtual format.


Kenyona’s keynote presentation focuses her motivational speaking energy on the issues of anti-racism, diversity and inclusion. Her passion is using her platform to help open up meaningful, substantive conversations in corporate, community, church and civil organizations in order to move forward and drive real institutional transformation.  Sunny’s expertise stems from her background in foundational training from The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, as well as Crossroads Anti-racism Organizing and Training. This, along with anecdotes from her own life and current events, plus feedback from individuals and organizations that she has impacted through her work, has culminated in a special talk that moves audiences towards empathy – and then ultimately, to effect real change.

In her keynotes, she sets the tone for organizational transformation and will affirm your organization’s commitment to inclusion.  Her most effective work reflects the need for organizations to embrace diversity, inclusion, (Inclusion Over Diversity!), cultural sensitivity and matters of gender – in order to truly embark on meaningful team building, corporate morale, leadership and conflict resolution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real world, actionable steps to take on how to create inclusive organizations and teams within the organization
  • How to have difficult conversations on uncomfortable topics
  • A positive message of hope and inspiration.

Topic includes: