Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe CSP, Hall of Fame, is an award winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Author and Consultant.

Linda Edgecombe’s mission is to get people fired up and ready for the future, and promises to help them create powerful shifts, increase accountability – all the while building momentum at work for her participants.  Not to mention having the best laugh they have had in a long time while watching a keynote.  Linda believes a laugh is worth more than a thousand words and it has the power to change the way people feel, think and take action! 

Take your organization on an Energy Boost….! Linda will lead your group through an educational, hands-on and highly humorous ride that will re-focus, re-energize and re-invent how you see your life and your work.  Get moving towards a more balance and energized work and home life today – Linda shows the way.