Lindsay Shepherd

Free Speech Advocate

It was a normal collegiate day like any other.  Lindsay Shepherd was a Masters student, pursuing her post-graduate studies and working as a Teaching Assistant at Sir Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario. The next day, she was brought up before a veritable inquisition, a trial by faculty –  just for discussing gender-neutral pronouns and playing a video clip in her class of Jordan Peterson on TV Ontario, participating in a debate on… gender-neutral pronouns.  You wouldn’t believe what ensued for Lindsay if it weren’t true, and the implications for free speech on (and off) campus are at the same time critical, shocking, and a bit scary. 

In the past, University campuses were once hotbeds of free speech; is the same true presently? Well, to find out, there is no one better than Lindsay to explain it all.  In her keynote, she illuminates what is happening to free speech at Colleges and Universities all across North America today, and exposes what kind of political atmosphere are students are being taught in for 4 years.

Safe Spaces? Maybe not.