Dr. Mark Mullins

Mark Mullins is the proverbial all-rounder and so can make sense of today’s tumultuous events, putting them into proper context and drawing out critical implications that others might miss.

His global perspective as an economist, policy expert, macro investor, and political activist enables him to take the 40,000 foot view that wraps everything together into an insightful and easily understood package. At the same time, he is an incisive social commentator and a fair, but no-holds-barred, critic of politicians and their policy choices.

For example, his real-time analysis of the Great Recession in 2009 drew large audiences across Canada, with him making a bold (and correct) call at the time that stocks were primed for a very long and powerful market rally.

His latest series of commentaries on the pandemic and associated social crisis, some twenty in number, sketch out the social, economic, policy, and political implications of this world-shattering event. He presciently predicted the Rise of the Safety State in March 2020 and the stubborn Neverendemic that continues to mark all of today’s social relations.

Mullins comes from a perspective that people know best. He is a strong advocate for free speech, open and respectful discussion, market forces, consultative democracy, and the full set of human rights. You can count on him to examine big issues, diagnose the disease, and come back with common sense prescriptions for renewing and improving our society.