Dr. Mary E. Donohue

Dr. Mary Donohue, AKA “Dr. Mary,” is North America’s most preeminent  speaker on today’s multi-generational, digital workplace. Her ground breaking research on generational learning and communication unlocks the secrets to raising productivity, employee engagement and, yes, even happiness, at work.  

Her latest venture for 2020 and beyond, is The Digital Wellness Center. The DWC is grounded in the psychological principles of transient hypo-frontality, or mind clearing.  The mission of the Digital Wellness Center is to provide people with the tools to be less stressed, and live happier, more productive lives. The Center helps ensure the message sent is the message received – all based on insights from her latest book, Message Received: 7 Steps to Break Down Communication Barriers at Work, explains the science of generational insights and digital psychology using humour, stories, and charts. 

Digital wellness has never been more important. For two million years humans have lived simple, analog lives. With our growing reliance on digital tools and the need to work remotely as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, suddenly we have been asked to make the dramatic and sudden shift to digital creatures – a shift that has come with a cost that is stressing us out. 

But there is hope – Through extensive research with over 27,000 people, Dr. Mary Donohue has uncovered that much of the stress and exhaustion people are experiencing is a result of challenges arising from either working from home, or the growing lack of clarity for the future, leading to misunderstandings inherent in digital communication. But, through her digital wellness program and special “Desktop Detox”, Dr. Mary can help you and your team become better digital communicators, and more productive workers – no matter where the workplace of the future may be.