Dr. Mary E. Donohue

Dr. Mary Donohue, AKA “Dr. Mary,” is North America’s most preeminent keynote speaker on today’s multi-generational workplace. Her ground breaking research on generational learning and communication unlocks the secrets to raising productivity, employee engagement and, yes, even happiness, at work.  

In her presentations, Dr. Mary discusses her latest research findings, and uses them to show how to communicate across the generations, using any tech platform; from emailing a “Boomer” to presenting with PowerPoint to a GenX audience, she makes clear the best strategies to effectively communicate across those platforms in our digital, smart phone work place. Further, these keynote takeaways can be implemented immediately. The best part is that Dr. Mary is able to deliver her talk with wit, humor, and the professionalism only a leading social scientist on this topic can provide.  

Dr. Mary’s work garners tons of discussion – don’t forget to ask her about the amazing Generation X, and why they will save the day!