Nancy J. Spotton

Building teams that perform with excellence is hard, and motivating individuals on that team to do and be their very best may be harder still. But after 25 years leading top performing corporate and sports teams, Nancy has identified 11 ways for teams to get to the top of their game, whether be it in sports, in business, or in life. In her moving but powerful keynotes, Nancy weaves in performance data, training tips, leadership lessons and some very personal anecdotes, showing how her strategies can make you be a better team mate, a better leader or coach, or mentor, or even – a more resilient person.

Nancy knows how a thing or two about helping and inspiring people to get ahead. You see, she is a two time cancer survivor. And beating back cancer motivated her in different ways than most. Some are motivated by raising awareness and wearing a ribbon; however, Nancy decided that if she survived, she would dedicate her life to actively reaching out and helping people to move forward, to get ahead – in whatever shape that took. She was simply motivated to become the coach she always knew she was.

So, she set a goal to Help 100 People Succeed…

So whether you’d like a talk on teamwork, leadership, or finding out how she helped the 100 succeed, then keynote speaker Nancy J. Spotton is a spot-on choice for your next event.



Nancy J. Spotton is an expert in Connected Teams, Leadership Development and Personal Brand Building. After 25 years leading corporate teams, Nancy completed her Masters Magna Cum Laude and 52 launched MPWR, a business that fills the void of building future leaders.

MPWR designs Immersive, Intensive and Impactful Live Learning Communities with the intent of training future Champions inside Champion Teams.

Nancy’s journey began at 16 years old: She read a book. The book told her she should be a coach. There was a turning point early in her career where Nancy was offered two jobs: one as a sport coach, the other in sport business. She chose option B. (B is for business…)

Nancy worked her way up the ladder inside Cineplex & the Toronto Blue Jays through marketing, sales, new business development and sport partnerships to the top of the mountain at Canadian Tire. Three months into her position, she was diagnosed with cancer. That diagnosis saved her life AND changed her life.

After 2.5 years of fighting, Nancy won. The day the doctors declared Nancy as being cancer free, she left the hospital, turned her face to the sun and asked herself her own question: What’s next?

She knew immediately. In fact, her answer was determined at 16. Her sweet spot in life is Coaching – helping people succeed. It was right then and there that she set a goal, to Help 100 People Succeed.

3 years later, Nancy has taken her powerful learning and research and multiple stories of her journey on the road to share with all. Her stories are illuminated as Nancy travels the globe as a coveted Keynote speaker and continues to work toward her next goal of Helping 1,100 People Succeed.


Helping 100 People Succeed

After 2.5 years of fighting cancer, it was time to move forward. Nancy set a goal – to Help 100 People Succeed. Nancy had no idea what that meant. She knew people who were stuck, so she reached out to help each one of them. The results made her cry. Wives emailed her and Dad’s sent her notes of eternal gratefulness. This powerful keynote will inspire you to lean in and listen. Bring Kleenex as Nancy tells these illuminating stories of her journey of triumph and failure. How a small project of Helping 100 People changed people’s lives and changed Nancy’s life too.  Nancy shares strategies of how you can create emotional connection to yourself and to others with a simple act of helping someone move forward in their journey.

11 Habits of Champion Teams

25 years of leading large functional corporate teams, coaching top performers & teaching grad students taught Nancy one powerful thing, connecting teams to exceed expectations was where she thrived. With other OLY & Professional athletes, Nancy has created an interactive 11 Habits of Champion Teams keynote designed to make you think, listen intensely and leave with a whole different perspective on life. Through stories of lessons learned, Nancy shares easily implementable strategies that have an immediate impact on the level of commitment of everyone on your team. Whether you are a sports team, a business team or a family team this keynote leaves you leaning in and wanting more.

PLEASE NOTE: This Keynote is also delivered with OLY, Professional Athletes, CEO’s & Top Performing Millennials.

Building Little Girl Leaders

Simplification is hard, and so important. In order to achieve her goal of Helping 100 People Succeed, Nancy needed to be clear. She decided to test her 11 Habits of Champion Teams with a fabulous team of 11-year old girls. The results were stunning. These girls gained a core confidence, learned how to shout their strengths from the rooftops and they also developed a deep emotional connection to each other.  Their confidence and connection enabled them to win the championship and win in life. In this keynote Nancy tells stories of how Nia, Chantal and Kennedy broke out of their shell. She tells the stories while weaving in simple strategies on how you can turn a team around to achieve greatness.