Nelson Cabral

Using his 9 Forces of Creative Leadership™, Creative Leadership Expert CABRAL empowers leaders and executives to unleash a creative storm in their business. 

Internationally recognized and creatively acclaimed business keynote speaker Nelson Cabral delivers relevant, entertaining and interactive talks on creativity in leadership. He is known for his high-content, high-energy presentations that are laced with humor, while providing real, actionable creative leadership tools and strategies for maximum value and immediate implementation. He has improved creativity and innovation capabilities in thousands of executives, teams and businesses around the world.

Nelson’s keynote presentations focus on building high performance cultures of innovation. With a dramatic stage presence and contagious enthusiasm, he shares with audiences his management principles, leadership approaches and innovation strategies from decades worth of world-class, market-proven, top-tier, senior strategic creative leadership experience. 

If your group is dealing with evolving work environments, complex business situations and accelerating global markets, then Nelson’s Creative Storm talk is perfect to bring you cutting-edge approaches to leadership, talent management and innovation. Unleash your Creative Storm with Nelson Cabral!