Saijal Patel

Saijal has more than twenty years experience in the financial industry in North America and Asia, giving her a unique perspective and deep understanding of what the impact of gender, culture and upbringing has on how we view money and finances.  She will delight your audience as she challenges the status quo on money and finances, covering topics such as investing and financial planning, money and relationships, finances through a gender and culture lens, and how companies can tackle financial wellness and win. 

Her key message: “Money makes the world go around. So to foster a truly inclusive society, it’s imperative that communities, financial services, and governments come together to help people achieve financial wellness.” 

What differentiates Saijal is that her company, “Saij Elle”, is geared primarily towards women, but her keynote presentations work for any group looking to create a strong financial customer experience – or for any organization that wants to build up the financial wellness of it’s employees or members. At the core of her talk is why financial wellness must be of tantamount concern to you, your company, or organization.  She will leave you feeling and thinking differently about money!