Sameer Somal

It’s been said that if you listen to Blue Ocean Global Technology CFO Sameer Somal’s “advice for your own life and career, you will see some amazing possibilities unfold”.  Sameer’s keynote presentations discuss how some people make networking look so effortless and easy when they engage in a new conversation, but in fact, it’s not – it’s an acquired skill: Sameer shares how the best networkers master the law of attraction and follow-up with purpose, because “…his message carries an emotion that helps turn an idea into an action”.  He discusses how to foster trust, earn mentors, and make a memorable first impression both on and offline. 

A member of the Speakers’ Series at the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business, Sameer is a frequent speaker on technology and the digital revolution, FinTech, i.e. Block Chain, succession planning, diversity, entrepreneurship, and leadership.