Jamie Clarke

Thirty years of world-class mountaineering experience. Leading expeditions through more than forty countries. Creating and selling both an online and brick and mortar business. Mindset coaching for both Stanley-Cup-winning and Olympic-gold- medal-winning teams…. Suffice to say, Jamie Clarke knows about achievement and living life as an adventure.

A humorous and passionate master storyteller, Jamie captivates audiences while sharing lessons on leadership, teamwork, resilience, trust and purpose.

With an infectious sense of humor and palpable, authentic passion, Jamie challenges his audiences to think differently about success, failure, grit / hard work and fear. In his visually stunning and always charismatic and inspiring style, audiences will learn how to:

  • Adapt to forces outside of one’s control.
  • Uphold one’s mission despite the unknowns and the lack of perfect information.
  • Learn from failure quickly and adjust your plans in real-time.
  • Conquer fear through focus and practice.
  • Reframe leadership through the lenses of trust, humility, reliance, inclusion and empathy.

In his highly entertaining, energetic and visually stunning keynote presentations, — replete with stories of cracked ribs, exhaustion and then finally… triumph -Jamie Clarke shows audiences how any organization can navigate through the turbulence of intrusive and unsettling uncertainty and economic disruption, while delivering very specific and yet very simple (not easy, per se, but simple) strategies that will raise the performance both of your attendees, and the teams to which so many belong.