Carol Roth

Carol Roth is a “recovering” investment banker. She’s also an entrepreneur, a TV pundit and host, and of course a keynote speaker; If that’s not enough, she’s also an economic, business, and financial commentator as well as  a content developer… AND she’s a New York Times bestselling author: Her books include The Entrepreneur Equation, The War on Small Business and now, You Will Own Nothing  (Broadside Books, available 7/18/2023)

Carol Roth has more than a quarter century of business advisory experience, which began at investment banking firm Montgomery Securities in San Francisco (subsequently Banc of America Securities- no, that’s not a typo), where she rapidly rose internally to become one of the youngest officers of the company by age 25. Her experience has encompassed a wide variety of products and services, including initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, private equity placements, private debt placements, buy-side M&A, sell-side M&A, LBOs/MBOs, recapitalizations, valuations, fairness opinions, licensing, marketing services, franchise work, start-up advisory and general strategic advisory work. She has completed licenses and joint ventures between her clients and a variety of high profile companies including Paramount, Disney, Fox, Hasbro and even the pop singer Katy Perry. 

All this serious business aside – Carol isn’t without a wry sense of humor and fun. She has coined a number of terms and phrases ranging from “Cirque-du-So-Lame” (something that is beyond pathetic and pitiful) to “jobbie” (a hobby disguised as a job, career or business) to “Business Beer Goggling,” (No explanation needed there) and deemed Harvard to be a hedge fund with a university attached to it. Offering thoughtful and witty political commentary, she advocates for small business, small government, and big hair.  She has an infectious energy on stage and is a dynamic keynote speaker. 

But back to serious business: Carol’s latest talk (Though she prefers the Q&A / Fireside Chat format) is based on her latest book, “You Will Own Nothing”. This book is based on her research into why certain globalist think tanks have been touting this mantra of owning nothing, and what that will mean for your financial and personal life. If you will own nothing, you can rest assured that you’ll be renting something from somebody who does. This is a can’t miss talk that will give your audience a framework for “Owning” their lives again – so more of us can live a rent free life, full of abundance. Hopefully her next book will be “You Will Own A Lot”! 


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