Christina Bobb

Christina Bobb is an attorney, investigative journalist and author of “Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story Of The 2020 Election And What It Means for 2024” (Jan. 2023) She is also a compelling keynote speaker and as you’ll discover in her talk, a relentless optimist for the future of not just America, but also, for the world. 

Christina’s presentation takes the audience through time, an almost surreal journey that began for her on election night 2020, when she was providing election coverage in Washington, DC., for OAN – watching and reporting on vote results on that fateful Tuesday night in early November 2020. As the vote tallies came in that night and in the wee hours of the next morning, (which is when her story really begins…) Christina began to sense something was.. off. Very off.

What happened over the following days, weeks and months is her mind boggling, almost dystopian but surprisingly bi-partisan trek through a morass of legal entanglements, media obfuscation and perhaps worst of all, trekking into and bumping up against a political class on both sides of the aisle that wanted more than anything to maintain the status quo. While evidence that was blocked from being presented by both the mainstream media, social media, and the courts (!), it was becoming blatantly obvious that there were, to say the least, “Irregularities” in the 2020 presidential election voting process that should have been illuminated, at the very least, to the courts. It had also become clear that there were a plethora of politicians who would not rock the post-election boat and help expose the election irregularities that clearly took place – not just that night – but before hand as well – such as problems associated with ballot harvesting, drop boxes and mail in ballots: She meticulously documents them in her book. It’s there for everyone to see. 

But all is not lost. Christina also presents a way forward to make sure that this kind of election “irregularity” never happens again. She talks about the future in a way that you seldom hear – brighter than ever for America and the world. A future that is filled with renewed optimism and hope, and a future that provides a sense of certainty that seems to be missing today. However, it is a future that we all must help create, and in her riveting keynote, she shares with audiences real, tangible, actionable takeaways that they can do in order to prevent a repeat of 2020’s flawed election from ever happening again.

Christina’s official title is presently: “Trump 2024 Campaign Attorney & Grassroots Coordinator”.