Connor Boyack

Renowned as a visionary author and entrepreneur, Connor Boyack stands at the forefront of educational innovation with his acclaimed Tuttle Twins series. These books have not only revolutionized children’s literature by distilling complex economic, political, and civic concepts into engaging narratives for young minds but have also empowered them to navigate the world with critical thinking and independence. The series’ monumental success is evidenced by over five million copies sold, a testament to its resonance with parents and educators alike.

A self-made entrepreneur, Connor not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as the founder and president of Libertas Institute, a multistate policy reform organization responsible for changing over 100 laws around the country. His leadership had led Libertas to innovative over a dozen legal reforms that were the first of their kind, attracting multiple awards for their work and changing the lives of millions of people. From education reform and business regulation to privacy and parental rights, Connor’s legislative prowess shows how to put into practice the ideas he teaches to audiences around the country.

Connor’s diverse expertise and dynamic storytelling make him an attractive speaker for a broad range of audiences. He loves to speak to entrepreneurs and business or corporate audiences from a variety of sectors, sharing his journey on what it takes to build a business to the point of selling over five million units — and he can share a leadership secret or two.

He of course loves to speak to educational groups of all kinds — school boards, colleges and universities, teachers associations, and elementary schools, too. Parental groups, freedom groups, public policy and think tanks — there is a vast array of organizations that can benefit from a Connor Boyack talk, presentation, panel appearance or as the headlining keynote speaker.

Whether addressing business leaders, educational forums, or advocacy groups, Connor Boyack delivers compelling narratives that ignite change, challenge conventions, and inspire action.

Oh! We should mention Connor has been interviewed by podcasters and MSM outlets as well, such as Tucker Carlson, The Babylon Bee, Fox News, The Blaze, Epoch Times, Free the People, Reason, Newsmax, John Papola, Tom Woods, and more.