Conrad Black

Author. Historian. Columnist. Investor. Intellectual Force. Founder of the National Post. Television Host. Member of the British House of Lords. There is only one man who could possibly fit all these descriptions, and it is one of Canada’s most distinguished figures: The iconic Lord Conrad Black.

Having just published his most recent books, “The Political & Strategic History of The World, Vol.1” in 2023, as well as “Forgotten History – Civil Rights in Canada”, “The Canadian Manifesto” in 2019, “Donald J. Trump: A president like no other” in 2018 and in 2016, “Backward Glances”, a collection of his articles and essays spanning his entire career, – on topics such as politics, culture, economics, and more – Lord Black is a must hear keynote speaker.

Whether the topic is judicial reform, geopolitics, or overcoming adversity in business and life, Lord Black is sure to inspire, educate and yes, entertain. He says exactly what he thinks, does not mince words, pulls no punches, and will defend his opinions with tenacity. A keynote or Fireside Chat with Lord Black could best be described as a talk about current events that blends in geopolitics mixed with historical perspectives, infused with a global point of view.

His latest endeavor in this regard is the “Scholars & Sense” show, a brand new bi-weekly podcast where he shares the mic with legendary conservative voices Victor Davis Hanson and Bill Bennett.  

UPDATE! Lord Black is now available for live and in person events in the United States.