Dan Lyons

There is probably no better (or funnier!) journalist, author and chronicler of our chaotic digital age than Dan Lyons. Dan’s 2016 bestseller “Disrupted: My Misadventures In The Start-up Bubble,” was a tragicomic romp through his “old guy” experiences working for a hip tech startup.

His latest book is the perfect sequel. “Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable For The Rest of Us” is a witty and well researched examination of how Silicon Valley has  completely changed the way we work, in ways no one ever could have imagined.

Dan Lyons is THE expert on today’s new work culture, and how it’s changing businesses and lives. In Lab Rats, he does a deep dive into Silicon Valley’s new work practices, and what effect it’s having on employees and management alike. In this dynamic keynote, Dan calls out the new oligarchs of Silicon Valley who have broken the unwritten social work contracts we once took for granted. But there is hope! Dan also discovers companies that show a better way forward, by putting people first while still making a buck.

Dan Lyons is a journalist and author best known for his sharp critiques of Silicon Valley. He’s been called the Tom Wolfe of tech, and “the Jonathan Swift for our own digital age.” Not surprisingly, Dan has also written for HBO’s hit comedy, “Silicon Valley.”