Daniel Hannan – Lord Hannan of Kingsclere

Daniel Hannan, former MEP, now in the British House of Lords, is known in the U.K. press as “the man who brought you Brexit”, having founded the Vote Leave campaign.  He wants to use Brexit to galvanize the world trading system and sees new opportunities for countries on every continent.  Dan has been a member of the European Parliament for 17 years, and is an author and journalist, advocating passionately for free markets and trade.  In fact, once Brexit becomes a reality, Dan will have succeeded in eliminating his own job. However, in 2018, recent political event in the U.K. are threatening to undo Brexit, and Dan may indeed have to return to work.

Dan’s keynote presentations are customizable; he discusses the global and European economy, trade, politics, and what is happening both in Britain and around the world since March of 2020.

Lord Hannan has spoken at events around the world, and will fully customize his talk for your country. He especially loves to speak in the US and Canada.