Derrick Kinney

Culture today screams that money is bad. And if you have a lot of it, you’re the villain in the story. The problem is that false belief is holding back your sales team and your company from achieving the sales goals you deserve. So – Derrick Kinney is changing how we feel about money. He believes money is not bad and good people should have more of it.

For too long, business owners have used the quarterly bonus as the sole motivator for their team. That’s the old way of doing business. More money is great, but creates only temporary happiness, not lasting meaning for your team. Continuing to run your business like that makes you a dime a dozen and you seem like every other company.

Your employees don’t feel engaged and are easily temped by offers from other companies. And you’re not giving your ideal customers a compelling reason to work with your company. You don’t stand out. And that’s not right.

The future of business growth is connecting meaning to your money and purpose to your profits. Do that and you’ll have higher employee engagement, retain your best people and create a runway to record revenue.

As Derrick Kinney says, he’s heard there’s a recession coming but he’s decided not to participate. And you can’t afford to either. You, your business, your team and your customers deserve better.

If you’re tired of the same old cookie-cutter message to building your business and increasing your sales, then Derrick’s keynote presentation is an absolute Must Hear. If you’re ready to engage your audience and grow your revenue in a fresh way, and make the world better so you attract more of your ideal customers, putting Derrick on your stage will be one of the best ROI”s you make this year.

Making more money to do more good is the future of business—and you can’t afford to be left behind.