Dr. David Martin

Dr. David Martin’s background is as varied as they come. From finance, academia, media, consulting, medicine, to research, business creation, economics and advisory, his C.V. is as long and impressive as it is diverse, with a gravitas that is almost unparalleled and that few can replicate. In short, there is no one quite like Dr. David Martin. How many keynote speakers have on their resumes that they’ve advised governments on mining and trade policy, to now creating documentary films, podcasting, and most recently, starting up an energy company that focuses on eco friendly and sustainable solutions for the hydrocarbon industry? Not many. None in fact.  

On the surface, it would have seemed easy to know what David Martin is about – he was often on CNBC prior to 2020, since he created their CNBC IQ100 index powered by M-CAM, his company; (The IQ100 is a quantitative index of America’s top 100 Innovative companies), and he appeared regularly on the network giving business and economic commentary; so the assumption that he was “strictly business” would be a natural one. But that would be an incorrect and very incomplete assessment.

Since 2020, Dr. Martin has become well known to a far wider audience, because he asks the dangerous questions and treads where others wouldn’t dare, about what we’ve all experienced over the past few years. But it’s more than that – he shares his suspicions that something more profound has happened to America: He asks out loud if the social contract with the people has been breached, and how that was even possible: So – Is American history instructive here? Could it be that the leaders of business, politics, medicine, government and education throughout the evolution of the United States, brought us to this point in time? What happened? What was the bump in the road that made the unimaginable past few years a reality? 

And now, David asks, do we have a chance now to re-make the country and create the future in ways we’d never imagined?  David says you bet we do, but it’s not about paying down the national debt or voting for this or that party – it’s about how we reclaim our humanity in a world obsessed with anything but. 



Late Feb 2024: 

November 2023 Dr. David Martin with Russell Brand:

His firm, M-CAM, was responsible for leading investigations and supporting prosecution of some of the largest financial frauds in the history of the USA, as a contractor for the US Department of the Treasury. His C.V. boasts founding companies, appointed directorships, and advisory positions too numerous to list here. His most recent company that he is both the founder and CEO of, is called “RASA”, whose goal it is to provide “Environmental Solutions For the Hydrocarbon Industry”, with clean, eco friendly solutions for recycling, as well as providing an amazingly green and sustainable reagent for the oil sands energy sector. 
David also has recently started his own media company, having both produced and appeared in numerous documentaries about the world, pre-and post 2020. As a keynote speaker, he has spoken to groups of all kinds, such as investment firms, parliamentary committees, associations, and more. To learn more just click here.

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