Edward Dowd

Edward Dowd’s Wall Street career of nearly 30 years includes 10 years at BlackRock as an equity fund manager; but over the past few years he has been using his financial background to analyze what is happening to the markets and to the world today. Ed has an uncanny knack for explaining these recent events in layman’s terms so that everyone can understand where we are, and what has gone on behind the scenes, and perhaps even… behind the curtains. When Ed, now a media and podcast rising star, is asked – was it all planned? He answers with a question: Does it matter? This is where we are, and we must look at the present fiscal reality, and towards what we can do going forward.  

He is daring to ask, out loud, the uncomfortable questions about the past 2.5 years that many others just won’t. Since Ed has behind the scenes Wall Street insiders who whisper in his ear what they are hearing, he is able to provide strategic and financial insights on a variety of economic topics  – whether it be the credit markets, the insurance markets, debt or equity markets – you name it, Ed can bring you insider analysis of current events and market trends like none other.  

People want to know why they were locked down. People want to know why inflation is at unprecedented rates. People want to know where the economy is headed and where the market is headed. People want to know where and how to invest during these unprecedented times. Can Ed Dowd answer all these questions? Maybe – but what he will do is discuss his own investment thesis and his analytical approach to the markets – and will definitely mix in some current events analysis as to how these events will affect market sentiment. Which is why Ed is now available for a few very select and limited event engagements, live and in person. 


Keynote Presentation: