J.J. McCullough

One look at that hair tells you this guy is not your father’s conservative. J.J. McCullough is a hip and edgy pundit who defies stereotypes about what it means to be on the right. With a unique west-coast perspective untainted by the conventional wisdom of the country’s eastern liberal elites, J.J. calls Canada as he sees it, and what he sees is a nation in denial about its most serious problems.  From discriminatory bilingualism to a broken parliamentary system to a corrosive cult of anti-Americanism to thoughtless immigration policy, J.J. isn’t afraid to tackle the sacred cows and cliches too often deemed immune from criticism. Because really, as J.J. says… someone’s got to. 

You can now find J.J. writing about Canada in the Washington Post, and he also now writes on a number of international issues in the National Review. You can  find J.J.’s video commentary in the National Post, as well as his Youtube channel, which is gaining subscribers by the day!