Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore. James Patrick Anthony Dore. He has many names… but really he remains: Citizen Jimmy. Fighting for America. Fighting for Free Speech. Fighting for Press Freedom. Fighting for Peace and not War.

Wikipedia describes him as “…an American stand-up comedian, political commentator, podcaster, YouTube personality, and conspiracy theorist. He is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic political talk show on YouTube.” Conspiracy Theorist? Really? Jimmy thinks that’s funny, actually because whatever “It” is, it’s not a conspiracy… when it’s true. 

Jimmy had long been dubbed as “The Comedy Darling of America’s Progressive Left”, because he had always stood up for the average Joe, advocating on his show for health care for all, better wages for workers, and other common sense causes that everyone can get behind – even railing against some public sector unions whose perpetual greed surpasses any good they might do for their members. But then, something happened. All of sudden, he wasn’t the darling anymore. What happened? Why did he fall out of favor with those who had supported him, and his political comedy and analysis, for so many years? Could it be for simply asking questions about what has happened since 2020? 

Jimmy explains it like this: 

Comedy Club: “Jimmy, you can do your show, but everyone in the audience has to be in a mask”.

Jimmy D: “Why do they have to be in a mask? The public health officials say they don’t”. 

Comedy Club: “We just canceled your show”. 

Undaunted, Jimmy continues to tour, still doing stand up comedy at different clubs, as well as bringing the live version of The Jimmy Dore Show to a variety of venues. And now, he is available for events and conferences as a keynote speaker, where his talk will be laced with his usual political observations, wit, anger/rage/rant/smiles, cultural commentary, and bold insights into what is happening in Dystopia America today. He also loves the moderated Q&A “Fireside Chat” format, which can get as raucous and fun as any keynote. He loves taking questions from the audience and engaging with his fans. 

Finally, Jimmy is available to MC your event, too. (How much fun would that be?). 


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