John Robson

John Robson is not your ordinary columnist, pundit, historian and documentary filmmaker. With a sharp wit and enthusiastic cadence, his keynote presentations enlighten audiences by bringing a historical perspective to the financial, constitutional, foreign policy, social and “Climate Change” mess we are in.

His talks always bring his unique perspective and wry sense of humour to so many issues of the day, from unfunded social programs to the “Zoom” parliament. He does this so the “PeopleKind” of Canada can analyze for themselves just what is actually going on in the political arenas of the country.

John Robson is perhaps one of the most under rated speakers in Canada today. His political radio commentary, as well as his “Ask The Professor” and “This Day in History” video series are unparalleled in their accuracy and intellectual veracity; further he recently completed a massive and widely comprehensive documentary that brings into question the validity of… man made climate change.  He also is the Executor Director of the Climate Discussion Nexus, which “Offers a forum for more open debate on all aspects of climate change, especially better use of scientific information in public discussion and policy formation.”