Keean Bexte

Keean Bexte is a journalist and the editor-in-chief of The Counter Signal, a news website known for its fearless and relentlessly honest reporting, and daring to cover the stories the MSM might not; reflecting the ethos of Keean himself.  Keean is also now a documentary film maker & keynote speaker, sought after for his observations and insights on complex global issues.

His roots trace back to an Alberta farm, and his academic background in Energy Sciences and Economics provides him a nuanced perspective on the intersection of energy, economics, and environmental policy.

Beginning his journalistic career in 2018, Bexte traveled around the world, reporting on significant events from Ottawa to Hong Kong, The Hague, and Washington, where he holds White House accreditation. Wherever he goes, Bexte has a knack for uncovering striking visual narratives from often dangerous and tumultuous locations. He has published military secrets and faced confrontations with Chinese spies in his hotel room while reporting on the democracy uprising in Hong Kong.

His keen interest in anti-authoritarian uprisings led him to be one of the only journalists to cover the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” early on, as it traversed the continent – well before it captured the world’s attention. In his upcoming documentary, “Starvation Policy,” Bexte explores in depth the threats radical climate change policies pose to the world’s food supply, critically examining the potential impact of decisions made by the “global elites” on personal freedoms, future health, and of course: Global food security. He dares to ask the really big question – Why are governments around the world seeking to restrict food output from Farmers?

Though Bexte now resides in Calgary, he remains closely tied to his rural upbringing, spending weekends at his family farm and tending to his apiary. As a speaker, he brings his passion for freedom, a wealth of on-the-ground experiences, and investigative acumen to every engagement, offering audiences a thought-provoking perspective on today’s most pressing issues.