Kevin O’Leary

Top Business Speaker, Respected Investor, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Judge on ABC’s Shark Tank and CNBC’s Money Court Reality Show

Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, is one of the most dynamic speakers in the world – especially when it comes to money and the markets.

Money and marriage; money and entrepreneurship, money and investing; talking to your kids about money; money and taxes; money and why capitalism works. And most importantly, what it takes to Make Money.

What many don’t see on Shark Tank is that Kevin is also an expert commentator on the global financial markets. His latest venture, “O’Shares Investments” reflects his investing DNA: Buy stocks that pay dividends. Although – he has been known to discuss cryptocurrencies as of late, having as much as 20% of his portfolio invested in them!

Entertaining, fun, brutally honest and brilliant – Kevin’s keynote speeches are always a hit. Plus he’ll take the time to customize his keynote to suit your industry or organization. Call us to book Kevin for your next event – you will not be disappointed!