Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper is truly a 21st century renaissance man.

His mission is to connect with us, and collaborate with us, and perhaps, to help us… to facilitate what Kyle calls “this great awakening of humanity”, which is really just a unique collaboration together towards building new systems of governance and finance – to usher in a new era, creating more health, wealth and spiritual fulfillment for everyone. And yes, cryptocurrencies will be a big part of it.

Kyle is a visionary strategist, technologist, artist, and of course, a family-man. (More on that in his biography section; he has quite the pedigree!). He is also the founder of Swiss Key crypto wallet, and is the co-host of the new Love and Freedom Show. He is a serial entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, and an advisor to many projects – both big and small.

Kyle is committed to seeing the world have an easy and secure way to use and benefit from crypto, NFTs and blockchain – while assuring these technologies are used for the betterment of people- for liberty, for value creation, and abundant new systems that can change the world.

Kyle Kemper has been featured in major media, podcasts, and as a speaker at conferences. Right now he has published part 1 of his newest book as a booklet. In it, he explores how blockchain technology, DAOs, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) make liquid democracy and delegative democracy possible, and how we implement it to become radically abundant as a nation and as a civilization.