Matt Ehret

Matthew Ehret is an author and historian who has pioneered a fresh approach to North American history with a three volume book series titled “Clash of the Two Americas”, and the four volume set, “The Untold History of Canada”. 
Matt’s work is regularly published in the media, such as the Washington Times, Strategic Culture Foundation, Lew Rockwell, The Cradle, Global Research, Unlimited Hangout, Zero Hedge, as well as sites he manages as Editor-in-Chief including The Canadian Patriot Review and Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation. Additionally Matt hosts a weekly geopolitical program called The Great Game on Rogue News and is a regular expert commentator on The Coronavirus Investigative Committee, American Media Periscope, and The Mel K Show.
Matt has been delivering engaging lectures, presentations, and seminars for 15 years with a focus on making complex topics easy to understand for audiences of all kinds. His keynotes are enjoyed by both the general public, and have been described as “richly satisfying” for the experts as well. His work flows seamlessly between matters of science (debunking the fraud of global warming, Malthus, Darwinian evolution and other standard theory models hegemonic in our modern age of “consensus thinking”) as well as matters of art, literature, geopolitics, economics and of course, history. As such, there is always a fresh analysis on topics which you probably took for granted.