Monica Crowley

Could there be a better dot connector on what is happening in America today than Monica Crowley? Look at this quote from the back of her book, aptly titled “What the (Bleep) Just Happened?”…

“What the @$%&! just happened? What just happened to America? What happened to our strength and greatness? What happened to our constitutionally limited government? What happened to our powerful free-market system? What happened to our traditional rocket path of growth? What happened to American jobs? What happened to our prosperity? What happened to the greatest health care system in the world? What happened to our superpower status? What happened to our ability to be respected and feared? What’s up with the unprecedented spending and record-breaking deficits?”  Now, one would think that this blurb from the back of her book cover that the book was written yesterday. Except it wasn’t. It was written in 2012. It’s almost like Monica had a crystal ball, isn’t it?  

For those unfamiliar with Monica, here’s a bit more info and what sets her apart from the rest of the “Keynote” crowd: Monica Crowley is a truly unique figure on the American political, journalistic and contemporary history scene. Why? Because she has the singular distinction of having worked for TWO American presidents: Richard Nixon during his final years, and Donald Trump as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during his Administration.  There is no one else like her – with the living history she has witnessed first-hand and the insider’s stories she’s willing to share.   

Monica’s extraordinary career at the highest levels of politics and media has given her a rare perspective – she connects dots that NO ONE else can.  Because she was – and continues to be – in the middle of it all.

Monica explains how we got here – to an unrecognizable America – in ways that will leave audiences spellbound.  With her deep love for America, Monica brings the past into the present, provides a clear-eyed analysis of the current moment – and offers an optimistic view (and action plan) for the future.

And she has some explosive predictions for the 2024 elections. This is a red-hot talk you don’t want to miss! Monica simply radiates from the podium, with an infectious energy and even a self deprecating sense of humor: Given that she has the unique experience of having worked for 2 very particular American Presidents – Monica likes to say: “Can I pick’em, or what?” 



Monica Crowley is a prominent news analyst on multiple television, radio, digital and print platforms and is the Host of the Monica Crowley Podcast.  Previously, she served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs at the United States Department of the Treasury.  During her tenure, she and the team she led conceived, developed and executed the policy and communications strategies for the Secretary of the Treasury, the Treasury Department, and the Trump Administration more broadly.  For exceptional service to the Treasury Department and the Nation, she received the Alexander Hamilton Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Department.  Prior to her government service, she was a popular television anchor and political and foreign affairs analyst for the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, ABC News, NBC News, and other national networks. For several years, she was a regular panelist on the legendary The McLaughlin Group.  On radio, she was the host of the nationally syndicated program, “The Monica Crowley Show”.  She is also the author of The New York Times bestseller, What The (Bleep) Just Happened?  The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback.  While at the Washington Times, she was the Online Opinion Editor andSenior Opinion ColumnistEarlier in her career, she served as Foreign Policy Assistant to former President Richard Nixon in his final years, and wrote two bestsellers about her experiences, Nixon Off the Record and Nixon in Winter.  She has also written for many national publications, including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Newsweek, and has lectured at Yale, Columbia, and MIT.  A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, she graduated from Colgate University and holds two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in International Relations from Columbia University. To learn more just click here.


  • Her unique experience having worked for TWO American Presidents: Richard Nixon during his final years and Donald Trump in at the Treasury Department  
  • What is really happening in America today: an understanding based on the sweep of history
  • Her experience serving at the highest levels of government during the Trump administration 
  • Successes and lessons learned during the unprecedented economic response to the coronavirus pandemic 
  • Her earlier experience serving as Foreign Policy Assistant to former President Richard Nixon 
  • The media 
  • Leadership and decision-making in both normal times and times of crisis