Peter St. Onge, PhD.

Dr. Peter St Onge — @ProfStOnge online — is being talked about everywhere because he is many things: A dynamic keynote speaker par excellence, a former MBA professor and PhD economist, a Fortune-500 corporate marketer in Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, a nightclub manager, and…an ex-bartender. 

His corporate experience includes some of the biggest companies in the world in both consumer goods and large-scale infrastructure manufacturing.

His topics and areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: the Economy; Scenario Planning; Future Technologies; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Liberty and Freedom. 

He is available for Custom Briefings for executive and CEO Roundtables, looking at trends, opportunities and risks in specific industries. As Peter says “We’re at an inflection point in history, from economy to society to business. Those who see what’s coming can protect themselves. Those who don’t will wonder what just happened.” 

At this point, many of you might be asking – who is this guy with the ridiculous shirts whose videos are all over Twitter? Well – Peter St Onge has quickly become wildly popular for his common-sense and humorous explanations of major events impacting the economy, business, our individual rights and freedoms, and what that means.

So whether it’s a conference on investing and strategy, a Bitcoin conference, or a liberty festival, Professor St Onge has become an in-demand keynote speaker and a bona fide online superstar. 

In fact, Peter says he’d once been called “The most interesting Economist in the World” although with his classic wry wit, he ventures the person was probably drunk.

Peter has spoken at dozens of conferences and is a frequent guest on national TV including Charles Payne on Fox Business and Jesse Watters on Fox News. 

For those of you who follow Peter’s economic and political commentary, you know that he weaves humor and passion into his analysis, and he brings levity, clarity, and call to action to very serious topics at all his talks. Peter will always tailor his message and keynote presentation appropriately for the audience he is speaking to. 

Peter speaks near-native French, Spanish, Japanese, and Philadelphian, and is happy to deliver keynotes in those languages as well.


Recent Videos as of March 2024 – We’ll be updating these a lot: 


Peter St. Onge is a dynamic and passionate Keynote Speaker, first and foremost. He is also a Ph.D. Economist, former MBA professor, ex-bartender, entrepreneur. Now the rest: 

Peter St Onge received his Bachelor of Arts from Canada’s McGill University in Economics and Political Science, then his Master of Arts and Doctorate in Economics from George Mason University. He started his career in strategic marketing at Harris Corporation, covering Latin America.

At age 25 he put his life savings in dot-coms and retired a year later, backpacking around the world for 2 years until the dot-com crash, when he went to work as a bartender in Japan then joined toy giant Takara Corporation in international marketing. He left Takara to pursue the PhD, then worked as an MBA professor at Taiwan’s Feng Chia University before returning to North America to work as an economist at the Montreal Economic Institute, then at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. He is a fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and the single politician he likes is Ron Paul.