Rob Saik

It’s been said that when it comes to Agricultural marketing, management, and technology integration, Rob Saik is “an educator, entrepreneur, innovator, visionary, consultant, advisor…” and more. Keynote speaker and author of the “The Agriculture Manifesto – 10 Key Drivers that will Shape Agriculture in the Next Decade”, as well as his latest book “Food 5.0: How We Feed The Future” Robert is truly an outspoken champion of agriculture, is also a “Distinguished Agrologist”, a Professional Agriculture Consultant, and a veteran entrepreneur; he has been hailed as an agriculture futurist with unparalleled insight into where the industry is headed.

He has leveraged these strengths to found over 15 companies in the areas of Farming, Agri-Retail, Distribution, Media and Ag Tech. He was the founder and CEO of The Agri-Trend/Agri-Data Group of Companies which was acquired by Trimble. He also served as CEO of DOT Technology Corp (Autonomous Farming) through the acquisition of DOT by Raven Industries.

Rob has given talks to agricultural groups and has visited farms all over the world, from Peru to Kazakhstan. As he highlighted in his TEDx Talk, Will Agriculture be ALLOWED to Feed 9 Billion People?, Rob is confident that agriculture can meet the challenges of providing global food security if the voices of reason and science are not drowned by the voices of fear. In his amazing talk, you will learn about apples that don’t go brown, about potatoes that don’t bruise, and about a modified strain of rice that can save malnourished children from going blind – as well as how artificial intelligence, precision agriculture, water conservation, sensor technology, satellites and data are all tools being implemented right now, on today’s “digital farm”. How is all this possible? Rob Saik’s keynote will share how, as the following list of global audiences has already found out:

Farm & Food Care | CAMA | DOW | AFWA | The Leduc Chamber of Commerce | Setterington’s |
Syngenta | FCA Group | Grow | CropLife | Canadian Animal Health Institute | Biotechnology
Industry Organization | Cornell Alliance for Science | Ag-West Bio | NorthStar Genetics | Co-op |
Wheat Growers | AAA Fieldmen | Ontario Canola Growers | Land Investment Expo | Monstanto |
Cavalier Agrow | | Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers | Farm Bureau | RRife
Resources Ltd | Aapresid | Inland Terminal Association of Canada | Dalhousie University |
Canada-UAE | AgSmart | Pacific NorthWest Economic Region | CHTA ACCC | Women in Ag |
Banff Venture Forum | Lisbon Agri Conference …and more!