Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman is one of Canada’s leading communication experts. The media has labelled him a Marketing Guru and he is an authority on how to build brands, sell strategically and be profitable in today’s volatile marketplace. Tony has been at the forefront of pioneering innovative marketing and sales tactics, including social media, and many consider him a trailblazer for the strategies he has deployed to reinvent how companies engage with their customers and navigate the changing landscape. He has founded and successfully sold two internationally renowned advertising agencies, Communique and Capital C, and co-founded Fresh Intelligence.  His agencies have collectively won over 100 national and international awards including the much-coveted Agency of the Year. 

Beyond his role as a Founder and CEO, Tony’s body of work includes being a host, facilitator, strategic creator, provocative debater, idea maker and keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He is also a noted contributor on television and radio, with weekly appearances on prime time television and radio, and has been featured in documentaries on the CBC, the BBC and Australian Television. Passionate, provocative, opinionated and relevant, with an engaging personality, he speaks on a range of issues including consumerism, business strategy, politics, the economy, as well as sales, branding and marketing. He is a mentor who shares his knowledge with students and invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs. 



Tony is one of North America’s thought leaders on consumerism, corporate culture, branding, retail and the impact of change.  Tony draws upon his three decades designing award winning strategies for clients around the globe.

He is also one of the youngest recipients to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends. Four different television documentaries feature his approach to audience engagement. Five years ago, he sold all of his interests to freely speak his mind in the media, and to Host and Deliver Inspirational Keynotes at Events and Conferences around the world. 

Tony Chapman’s blog on Linked In earns up to 100,000 views a week, and you can see him weekly on National Television, on Financial Post’s Video Blog, or hear him across Bell Media Radio Stations.

During Tony Chapman’s career as a marketer and motivational keynote speaker, the landscape of his industry has changed numerous times over. Only the most flexible, adaptable and truly creative thinkers survive and thrive in this dynamic environment. Tony has distinguished himself in this field and industry not only as an expert navigator but also as a trailblazer in effective communications. With his experience and knowledge, Tony is a noted contributor to the national and international conversation in matters including marketing and branding, social media and business strategy. When he’s not sharing his wisdom as a motivational keynote speaker or working with his clients, Tony actively produces thought pieces and commentary in the mainstream press. He participates in panels and conferences and contributes to the base of knowledge for his industry. He is the marketer that Toronto marketing consultants turn to and trust for inventive and sound thinking on the state of the industry.


The Experience Economy: From a place to buy to the place to be

Drive Growth and Profitability by engaging in the Experience Economy.

Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Auto and Financial Services must shift from being a place to (visit, eat, buy or bank) to becoming ’the place to be’, steeped in experiences. Why? Experiences are personal and feed emotion. Experiences will counter Disruptors who use mobile and voice as their Trojan Horse to marginalize your brand, aggregate pricing and sell direct.

In this presentation, Tony will take apart the Platform Economy to show what we must do to counter these disruptions, stay relevant and give our consumers a reason to visit and spend. He will draw upon case studies from around the world to encourage ‘bricks and mortar’ to shift from a place to buy, eat or visit, to one that also offers personal experiences that are value-based, emotive and transformative, and that let people be who they want to be.

Key takeaways:
• Why the 5 P’s are under siege by digital-based disruptors in the Platform Economy.
• Identify the two points of entry where you are most vulnerable to disruption.
• How focusing on the right ‘Be’s’ will enable you to attract guests, increase spend, develop better talent, and guide your messaging and offer, and spark innovation.

Stop Telling Your Story. Become Part of Mine:

How to get the attention of the people that matter most to you

Attention is the oxygen of most human endeavor, but in the Age of Noise most brands, ideas and proposals are starving for attention. Too many choices and too much content are competing for a finite amount of our audiences time. So how do we get heard? We stop telling our story and become part of theirs. Tony will draw upon his three decades of crafting powerful stories that engage the ‘head, heart and hands’ of audiences across all industry sectors. He uses entertaining and enlightening case studies to show why any audience-employees, customers, prospects and investors and all face to face and digital channels respond to this powerful and emotive platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • The essential pillars to crafting a story & the four human motivators to generate audience response.
    • The critical roles in the story, and why your audience is the hero.
    • Why storytelling is the best way to be heard in the age of noise.


Tony offers a two hour workshop where participants learn how to create and present a story that engages the ‘head, heart and hand’s’ of any audience.

A Brand New World:

Make Things Happen Versus Wonder What Happened

 Tony outlines the critical forces of change that are rendering much of what we know about leading businesses and even societies obsolete. A growing divide has collapsed the middle ground. You are either making things happen or wondering what happened, there is no status quo.

Tony looks at how to make things happen by first identifying then giving the people that matter most to you – employees, customers, prospects, influencers, and investors ‘More and Less’. More of what matters to each of them – value-added personalization, with less friction and effort.

He shows how do dot the three ‘I’s’. Insight, Imagination and Intention. In this Brand New World there is no middle ground. You must make things happen versus wonder what happened.


Tony, the place is buzzing about you. You were at your best. I was so damn proud to have you there. We learned so much. I’ve already heard people talking about your fly fishing analogy. Omg you were so good.
-Mary DePaoli, CMO and Executive Vice President Royal Bank of Canada
He Solves Business Problems at the Speed of Life
-Ian Portsmouth, General Publisher, Profit Magazine
His post speech interview left us with actionable strategies
-Tom Egam, Vice President, PMMI
Just a short note of thanks for inspiring my Genesis team yesterday. Btw many of your comments are being used in today’s session. You had a big impact on these people.
-President of Hyundai Canada
Everyone LOVED you as I knew they would! Thank you Tony!
-Karin McNabb, VP Marketing IAIC
Tony Chapman is among the most brilliant minds in the business worldwide. His ability to tap into the real sentiment that drives consumers is driven by his intuition and ability to think beyond boundaries. His ideas have broken new ground in industries ranging from Financial Services to packaged goods. He is a tremendous asset to any organization looking to reshape their industry around the consumer.
-Rick White, VP Marketing – Scotiabank