Viva Frei

From lawyer to father to truth speaker & truth seeker, Viva Frei has evolved so much since 2019. In fact, Viva Frei isn’t even his real name – it’s David Freiheit – he’s the lawyer and father; Viva is the truth speaker and seeker, who never set out to try and change the world in any way but – somewhere along the line though… the world changed him, and in ways he never could have imagined before March of 2020. In 2019 he would start his videos with the mantra “Corporate Litigator turned Youtuber”, and then he’d create his content, discussing and analyzing the current events of the day, from a legal perspective…

…But then, as Viva says, “The World Went Crazy”. Things changed, and David Freiheit changed along with them. He became the Viva Frei we know, trust and love to watch online or now in person, today.

When the so called “Pandemic” arrived, Viva used his skills in creating online content, his knowledge of the law, and his energetic and dynamic passion for seeking the truth to expose the injustices happening in our world. Through his online content creation, He gained almost two million followers and hundreds of millions of views on different platforms. And: Speaking of platforms… Viva was one of the first, and most prominent content creators to secure an exclusivity agreement with Rumble Inc., – the truest and probably most trusted free-speech platform on the internet. And he has analyzed, explored, and explored again, some of the most outrageous injustices of the modern era.

He has been featured on InfoWars, Dave Rubin. Steve Bannon, Megyn Kelly, Kelly Clarkson, W5, Fox News, CBC News, and many more news outlets and podcasts.