Warren Macdonald

Probably the most popular refrain heard after a Warren Macdonald keynote presentation is along the lines of “Thank you. You have changed the way I see the world”.  Once you hear Warren’s story, it’s easy to understand why, because there aren’t many people who have had to rethink and re-frame their lives in the way Warren has had to. In his talk, yes, he shares his story of losing his legs. But that’s just the beginning… The real magic happens when we learn how to “see” a given situation through a new lens, when we learn that our perception offers us a choice. Of course navigating any change also requires resilience.
The bad news? Resilience is like a bank account; you only have what you have when you need it. The good news? You can start building resilience today by doing what Warren calls practicing resilience. Don’t leave it to chance by having Warren inspire and inform your next event.