Michelle Makori

Michelle Makori is an internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist, news anchor, reporter, and producer and is currently both the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, as well as Lead Anchor.

Michelle has worked as an anchor, reporter and producer for Bloomberg, CNN Money, i24News and SABC, where she has covered and analyzed the biggest global economic, financial, and geopolitical events of the past two decades. She has interviewed heads of state, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and other political, business, and entertainment leaders. Michelle also serves as MC, host and panel moderator for a variety of global conferences and financial events, from crypto currencies to natural resources – she’s been the default “Go-To” host of record, trusted by so many clients for years. 

And now – armed with years of financial reporting experience and deep dive interviews with some of the smartest investors, analysts, world leaders, business leaders and market prognosticators, Michelle is adding another titular notch to her already impressive resume: Keynote Speaker. 

Those of you familiar with Michelle’s interviewing style are aware that she has a profound understanding of the financial topics that are being discussed – and her interviews are really more discussions than they are simple Q&A’s with guests. Her business background, education, experience and global perspective lends to Michelle a big picture geopolitical and economic, markets driven understanding of the world today. 

No one is in the global financial trenches on a daily basis like Michelle is. Years of discussions with the experts from so many different areas of business has lead her to form her own global economic thesis; a geopolitical macro financial representation for where the economy is now, and where it might be going – all gleaned not just from discussions with world leaders and financial experts, but by her own analysis of the trends she sees forming and evolving daily. 

Michelle’s future looking keynote is highly customizable, but there is one geopolitical and financial game changer that is looming on a not too distant event horizon that has everyone watching: Central Bank Digital Currencies, and what effect this could have not just on business, and not just on how and where spend this new digital currency – but what this could mean to our daily lives. 

Michelle’s keynote’s are tantalizing and provocative, equally compelling as they are insightful and thought provoking. 


On March 9th, 2022, US president Joe Biden quietly signed into law Executive Order 14067, entitled, “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets”, where it says in section 4 of this order that the administration “.. places the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of a United States CBDC.” There are those who have nick-named this the creation of “Biden Bucks”, but the fact is, governments all over the world are already testing out or are creating their own CBDC’s, not just the American Government. China has one, as do many others. And all this comes at the same time that “FinTech” companies and entrepreneurs globally are creating decentralized financial (DEFI) infrastructure, for both ease of digital payments and transfers, crypto-currency exchanges, and more. These two digital directions could not appear more divergent; but are they? 
The questions CBDC’s raise are myriad, as are their possible perils. Will this lead to the end of cash? Will CBDC’s lead to a “Social Credit” system, as in  China today, where your behavior will determine what you are permitted to do? Will banks and governments be able to see all your purchases? Will your money be your own, or is a central bank digital currency going to be a dollar that the governments own, and simply permit you to use? What effect will this have on the US Dollar as being the worlds’ reserve currency? Will the BRICS countries and others who’ve joined them, create a new digital currency backed by hard assets that will compete for global payments with the US Dollar? And if so, what will this mean for the American economy? And more specifically, to the companies and countries that have dollar denominated debt? 
Michelle like none other, can paint the picture of what is to come when and if CBDC’s become a reality, and what it might mean: Could money, cold hard cash in hand, as we knew it… end? To be replaced by a cashless world where your every purchase is monitored? What happens then?
This a thought provoking keynote presentation – but if there is anyone in the world who can untangle the web of what CBDC’s mean, it’s Michelle Makori. Be sure to leave time for a Q&A after this talk. 
In this forward looking keynote presentation, Michelle will discuss what the economic indicators and headwinds might be as she looks into the future, based on her years of experience speaking with and interviewing literally dozens (if not hundreds) of top experts in finance, geopolitics, fiscal and monetary policy, foreign affairs, market analysis, including guru portfolio managers, heads of state, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and more – from a panoply of industries including metals & mining, commodities, cryptocurrency and DEFI, banking, technology, energy and of course – government.
Armed with this encyclopedic knowledge from so many brilliant minds, Michelle has been able to identify themes and trends i.e., common denominators, that most, if not all, of her guests are saying, and what they all subtly have in common. (Or what they all DON’T have in common). Either way, these will be the common denominators that form the foundation of this keynote presentation – the wisdom of the many brought together, analyzed, and discussed in a way that audiences from any sector will find both riveting and useful at the same time.
This keynote presentation can be customized to suit your audience. 


Michelle Makori is an internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist, news anchor, reporter, and producer. Currently she is Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News. Makori has worked as an anchor, reporter and producer for Bloomberg, CNN Money, i24News and SABC.

As an anchor and reporter, Michelle has covered and analyzed the biggest global economic, financial, and geopolitical events of the past two decades. She has interviewed heads of state, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and other political, business, and entertainment leaders. Michelle also serves as MC, host and panel moderator for conferences and events around the globe.

Michelle now brings this expertise to Kitco News as Lead Anchor and Editor -in-Chief where she manages the editorial team; covering global financial and business news across the spectrum of cryptocurrencies, commodities, equity markets, macro-economics and geopolitics. Michelle is also the host of “On the Spot with Michelle Makori”.

Based in New York, Michelle joins Kitco News from i24News where she was Editor-in-Chief and lead anchor, hosting the nightly prime-time, flagship show “ClearCut with Michelle Makori” and “ IBW” a weekly start-up and technology focused magazine show.

Michelle was instrumental in setting-up the U.S. division of i24News and helped launch the live broadcast operations in February of 2017, broadcasting across the USA and around the globe.

Michelle was also a key member of the team that launched the U.S. operations of CGTN in 2011. She was the New York-based Lead Anchor and Producer of “Global Business America”, CGTN’s flagship global economic and business news show.

Prior to joining CGTN, Makori was an anchor and reporter for Bloomberg TV for five years covering both American and Asian markets out of Bloomberg’s NYC headquarters. She was also a reporter with CNN Money based at the NASDAQ and contributed to CNN’s national and international programs. Before joining Bloomberg TV and moving to New York in 2005, Makori was one of the main anchors and producers for SABC Africa Television, based in Johannesburg South Africa and broadcasting throughout the African Continent. Michelle also brings Wall Street experience to her financial news coverage, having received her FINRA financial adviser license (Series 7) and having worked with The Beryl Consulting Group, GFI and Context Summits. Michelle holds a Post Graduate Honors Degree in Media Studies and Journalism (with distinction), and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Law and Psychology, both from South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand. She graduated top of her class from Damelin Business School and graduated with distinction from Allenby Film School. Her accolades include winning the Harambee African Reporter of the Year Award for her work on micro-lending enterprises. She was also voted one of the “30 Most Outstanding Women” by Cosmopolitan magazine (South African Edition) and one of the “Sexiest Women in the World” by FHM magazine (South African Edition).

Born in Israel, raised in South Africa and now a proud American citizen, Michelle speaks five languages and brings a truly global perspective.

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Justin Hart

Justin Hart is an executive consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience with Fortune 500 companies and presidential campaigns. He’s chief data analyst and founder of RationalGround.com, which helps companies, public officials, and even parents, gauge the impact of COVID-19 across the country.
In his new keynote presentation and just released book (Fall 2022) “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove The World Insane”, Justin explains how COVID-19 uncovered the decaying underbelly of confusion, panic, and fear-mongering by those in power in our American government and justice systems: Americans suffered the grave consequences of these failed policies, and the government, media, health agencies and their acolytes are all, to this day, trying to cover it up. But all is not lost – because Justin’s research of the data reveals so much that you just won’t hear in the MSM and counters the policy narratives, after listening to him you realize… there is nothing to fear!  
Justin eloquently, and with a sense of humor and humility, simply eviscerates the government’s responses over the past two and a half years. He explains:
● Why Americans have no reason to blindly “Trust the Science” just because government
bureaucrats say so
● How the data proves the ineffectiveness of masks and social distancing
● The statistics that prove there has been a severe loss in educational progress and mental
health quality of children
● How and why unchecked and undisputed government power grabs occurred



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Matt Ehret

Matthew Ehret is an author and historian who has pioneered a fresh approach to North American history with a three volume book series titled “Clash of the Two Americas”, and the four volume set, “The Untold History of Canada”. 
Matt’s work is regularly published in the media, such as the Washington Times, Strategic Culture Foundation, Lew Rockwell, The Cradle, Global Research, Unlimited Hangout, Zero Hedge, as well as sites he manages as Editor-in-Chief including The Canadian Patriot Review and Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation. Additionally Matt hosts a weekly geopolitical program called The Great Game on Rogue News and is a regular expert commentator on The Coronavirus Investigative Committee, American Media Periscope, and The Mel K Show.
Matt has been delivering engaging lectures, presentations, and seminars for 15 years with a focus on making complex topics easy to understand for audiences of all kinds. His keynotes are enjoyed by both the general public, and have been described as “richly satisfying” for the experts as well. His work flows seamlessly between matters of science (debunking the fraud of global warming, Malthus, Darwinian evolution and other standard theory models hegemonic in our modern age of “consensus thinking”) as well as matters of art, literature, geopolitics, economics and of course, history. As such, there is always a fresh analysis on topics which you probably took for granted.





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Kim Moody

The antithesis of the status quo, Kim is driven to innovate new and better ways to do things for the clients he serves, the advancement of the firm, and other professionals in tax. His relentless obsession with getting to know everything in the Tax Act makes him a highly sought-out resource for peers and clients. In March 2020, Kim published his first book, Making Life Less Taxing: Pay Attention To Your Taxes So You Can Pay Less Tax and Build a Strong, Smarter Canada – an Amazon bestseller in a number of categories.

Kim’s primary area of expertise is tax and estate planning for owner-managers of private corporations and executives, particularly those who have entered into the tax complexities that come with being affluent. Though admittedly not one himself, Kim works with many professional athletes (a guy has got to dream after all). Kim also has expertise in trust and estate taxation and enjoys solving the complexities that arise in developing a well-thought-out estate and succession plan and dealing with testamentary taxation matters.

Deciding years ago that sleep was highly overrated, Kim makes time to share his immense knowledge through writing, speaking, teaching, and being an active, national leader in the tax profession. In 2016, he fulfilled his long-standing goal of receiving admission into law school and is currently exploring ways to fit this ambition into his busy schedule.

Kim’s unique ability is being a loyal, transparent, and honest intellectual rebel who always does the right thing. His passion to lead, teach, never settle, and both seek and speak the truth aid in his contributions to the tax landscape. Kim desires to be an inspirational example for those around him to continuously grow. And in that vein, Kim is now writing a weekly column for the Financial Post, discussing tax matters mixed in with a little political commentary. (It seems the two go hand in hand). 


*Re the video below, the name of Kim’s law firm is now “Moody’s Private Client, LLP”.

Kim’s topics centre around tax, and of course on “Making Life Less Taxing”, and all the other things that taxes affect. He asks (and answers) a number of questions in his keynote presentations, such as: 

– Does Canada’s tax system need to be so complex? How much simpler can we make it so the average Canadian can understand it better?  Why should you care? Well, when the taxman cometh…
– Politics and income tax….the never ending inextricable link.  Is there a way to reduce political interference / content in tax statutes? 
– Is there a better way to increase government revenues than personal and / or corporate income taxes?  What about value-added only taxes as the main revenue generator? 
The case for comprehensive tax reform in Canada.  Why should Canadians care? (This is a keynote presentation that Kim loves to give – the need for expansive tax reform in Canada is urgent).
– Should the tax system incentivize / encourage private business? What happened in 2017 regarding taxes and small businesses? 


Making Life Less Taxing: Pay Attention to Your Taxes So You Can Pay Less Tax and Build a Strong, Smarter Canada by [Kim G C Moody]

Making Life Less Taxing is written with the taxpayer in mind. It is your guide to become better informed about your tax situation and truly understand your tax system. Kim argues that every day should be tax day, not just April 30th!

The book will:

  • Clear up the misunderstandings out there about taxes
  • Make an argument for tax reformation and how it can benefit Canadian society on a larger scale
  • Distill the complex (and often overwhelming and scary) world of taxes into easy-to-understand material
  • Help the reader to lay out a plan of attack and consider all the what-ifs


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Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist, which is a fancy way of saying he helps people understand how the world works. Peter combines an expert understanding of demography, economics, energy, politics, technology, and security to help clients best prepare for an uncertain future.

Over the course of his career, Peter has worked for the US State Department in Australia, the DC think tank community, and helped develop the analytical models for Stratfor, one of the world’s premier private intelligence companies. Peter founded his own firm — Zeihan on Geopolitics — in 2012 in order to provide a select group of clients with direct, custom analytical products. Today those clients represent a vast array of sectors including energy majors, financial institutions, business associations, agricultural interests, universities and the U.S. military.

With a keen eye toward what will drive tomorrow’s headlines, his irreverent approach transforms topics that are normally dense and heavy into accessible, relevant takeaways for audiences of all types.

Peter is a critically-acclaimed author whose first two books — The Accidental Superpower and The Absent Superpower — have been recommended by Mitt Romney, Fareed Zakaria and Ian Bremmer. His latest third title, Disunited Nations: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World became available in March 2020.

Peter’s fourth book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization, became available in June 2022.



For the past three decades our world has known ever-rising volumes of money. Whether from Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Europe or East Asia, this rising tide of capital at ever-cheaper rates has defined the post-Cold War era. It’s ending. Now. For reasons geopolitical and demographic, the globalization of finance is in its final months just as the overall inflows are dissolving for reasons demographic. This isn’t momentary. We will not return the capital structure of the 2000s and 2010s within our lifetimes. The questions now become how deep the crash will be, which sectors will suffer the most, and what islands will be able to weather the coming financial storm?


The concept of countries being able to buy and sell their wares openly on the international marketplace is inviolable. The freedom to sail one’s products around the world is a given. Everything from the transfer of money to the accessibility of energy is sacrosanct. Yet all this and more is artificial: an unintended — if happy — side effect of the American-led global Order. With that Order in its final days, all countries and all industries must learn to operate in a world as unstructured as it is dangerous. Join us as Peter Zeihan lays out how we got to where we are, and what the future holds for sectors as diverse as energy, agriculture, finance, manufacturing and transport.


Three pillars support modern China’s success: global trade, internal political unity, and easy money. With those three pillars, China has managed to shake 2000 years of war and occupation and remake itself as one of the world’s most powerful countries. Yet none of these three pillars can stand without American assistance, and that cooperation is ending. China’s “inevitable” rise isn’t simply over, it is about to go into screeching, unrelenting, dismembering reverse. But that’s hardly the end of history. When a country falls — particularly the world’s top manufacturing power — the ripples affect countries and industries near and far. Learn who benefits and who loses in a world without China.


The Mideast wars have left the United States exhausted and leery. Immigration has become a four-letter word. Shale has severed most of the ties that bind. In sum, the United States has lost interest in the wider world and so is already hip-deep in a decade-long retrenchment. That will change not just the world, but America itself. Such evolutions will make next phase of American engagement not just more thoughtful and surgical, but also more lucrative.


The world as we know it is ending. Global trade and everything that comes from it — cheap Asian goods, international energy markets, global agriculture, stable finance — is about to unravel. Out of all this the Americans — cast in both the role of disruptor and survivor — are making decisions that will shape both themselves and the rest of the world for decades. Get a sneak peak at the future of energy, agriculture, finance, and the role America will play in the world to come.


Five recessions in nine years. A litany of debt debacles. Ossified institutions incapable of change. Rising populism. Refugee floods. Russians growling at the border. And that’s the good news. Despite a decade of crisis none of Europe’s problems have had their root causes addressed, and now time is simply up. Everything that makes modern, wealthy, cosmopolitan, democratic Europe possible is breaking apart, and the Europeans are about to lose far more than “merely” a decade. Discover what makes Europe tick, what is tearing it down, and most of all, what is next.


Supply chains are shattering like toothpicks. Energy supplies face their greatest stress of the modern era. Global agriculture is being unmade day by day. Finance has peaked, and it is a long way down. Far from expanding out of control, populations are instead crashing. We face nothing less than the end of the globalized age. Are you ready? No? You’re hardly alone. Join us as geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan lays out the end of the old world, and the beginning of the new.


Modern agricultural patterns are the result of three largely unrelated factors: low-risk global trade, insatiable Asian demand, and unlimited cheap credit. Within the next five years, all three of these trends will not just evaporate, but invert. When that happens, the only thing that will hurt more than the gradual loss of demand will be the sudden collapse of supply. However, none of this impacts the American producer – it therefore will be the United States that will reap the benefits of its productivity and stability for decades to come.


As the global system evolves no country is better positioned than Canada. Very soon Canada’s choices will be about how to take advantage of opportunities, rather than how to avoid complications. But in this very silver lining is a very dark cloud. The same evolutions that will allow Canada unprecedented opportunities for wealth and respect also hold the possibility of damaging the Canadian state. This time the dangers do not originate from the United States, but from within Canada itself. And they could very well prove mortal.

Other topics, ask us for a write up: 











2019 was the last great year for the world economy.

For generations, everything has been getting faster, better, and cheaper. Finally, we reached the point that almost anything you could ever want could be sent to your home within days—even hours—of when you decided you wanted it.

America made that happen, but now America has lost interest in keeping it going.

Globe-spanning supply chains are only possible with the protection of the U.S. Navy. The American dollar underpins internationalized energy and financial markets. Complex, innovative industries were created to satisfy American consumers. American security policy forced warring nations to lay down their arms. Billions of people have been fed and educated as the American-led trade system spread across the globe.

All of this was artificial. All this was temporary. All this is ending.

In The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, author and geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan maps out the next world: a world where countries or regions will have no choice but to make their own goods, grow their own food, secure their own energy, fight their own battles, and do it all with populations that are both shrinking and aging.

The list of countries that make it all work is smaller than you think. Which means everything about our interconnected world—from how we manufacture products, to how we grow food, to how we keep the lights on, to how we shuttle stuff about, to how we pay for it all—is about to change.

A world ending. A world beginning. Zeihan brings listeners along for an illuminating (and a bit terrifying) ride packed with foresight, wit, and his trademark irreverence. 

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Suneel Gupta

“Leaders and teams that fizzle out don’t run out of time or talent. They run out of energy.”
– Suneel Gupta

As the founding CEO of RISE, a breakthrough wellness company, Suneel Gupta helped thousands of people build better habits for life and work. Now as a bestselling author and Harvard Medical School visiting scholar, Suneel has taken his mission one step further – helping organizations reach sustainable peak performance by bolstering their people’s emotional resilience. He asks the question, “How can an organization excel on the outside if its people are exhausted on the inside?” Suneel challenges our reliance on grit and hustle, which are also scientifically associated with exhaustion. Instead, he offers leaders and teams new, science-based ideas for the changing world of work – habits for beating burnout and boosting long-term creativity, innovation, and productivity.


Leading Change:



“I didn’t know what to expect and I’m still in awe. This wasn’t just a keynote – it was a unique experience. I’d strongly recommend that every emerging leader go through this experience; it’s inspirational and transformative.” – President of Human Resources, HARMAN International

“Suneel Gupta is one of the highest-rated speakers we’ve ever had. His talk was filled with great insights on the essential ingredients for successfully accomplishing your goals by winning support from others along the way. I plan to put many of his ideas into action to become a more “backable” leader, and I know others who heard his talk plan to do the same. But, beyond all of the practical lessons, the lasting impression our audience had was that Suneel is a genuine, caring person who understands leadership challenges. His stories were filled with humility, empathy, and emotion, traits we rarely encounter from our keynote presenters. If you’re looking for an excellent talk delivered with a strong sense of humanity, I recommend Suneel Gupta.” – President, Association for Advancing Automation

“Suneel is a true master of storytelling and his message was delivered to our audience at just the right time. Creating engagement at annual conferences can be tough. But when you couple that with a virtual conference environment, connecting with the audience is no easy feat. Suneel’s keynote on beating burnout to drive innovation was timely and his ability to draw in the audience resulted in the highest engagement numbers of all the sessions for our event. Some speakers can be too in the weeds, while others tend to speak over attendees’ heads. Suneel provided the perfect mix of actionable insights with passion for the topic. Attendees left refreshed, energized and appreciative of the experience.” – Freddie Mac

“Thought-provoking and inspiring. He resonated deeply with our audience.” – Global Head of Wealth, Dow Jones

“Suneel was a keynote speaker at our most recent #AssetMark #GoldForum conference, and he was incredible! Suneel was able to share key insights from his best selling book “Backable”, while incorporating those insights with his personal experiences. He took time to learn about our business, the great work that financial advisors do for their clients, and made his lessons impactful for the entire audience. We loved his energy, story telling and spirit! Thank you Suneel!!” – President, AssetMark


Just Released! Sept 2023:

Everyday Dharma: 8 Essential Practices for Finding Success and Joy in Everything You Do by [Suneel Gupta]

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Zuby is best known as a rapper, author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, socio/political commentator and if that’s not enough, he’s also the host of the ‘Real Talk with Zuby’ podcast. He is also a social media business and marketing expert and… a health guru, whose no nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition has helped countless people look better, feel better, and become more confident. 

Zuby is a rising public figure (AKA a rising star, in multiple arenas – from music to politics and business…), and has fast become a respected and influential voice of reason – whose unique perspective, authenticity and positive energy has earned him over one million followers on social media and 15 million+ online video views. He has caught the attention of some of the most popular media personalities in the world, appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience, The Adam Carolla Show, The Glenn Beck Podcast, The Rubin Report, The Ben Shapiro Show, and The Candace Owens Show, as well as other news outlets such as BBC, Fox News, Sky News and RT. 

Zuby has, over the past few years, been a voice of common sense and sanity. He has helped so many of his listeners, readers and followers make sense of, and cope with, our constantly changing world. And on that note, his newest keynote presentation is based on a social media thread he wrote, that went completely viral – literally, millions of people read that post. This talk is based on the post “20 Things I’ve Learned or Had Confirmed About Humanity During the Pandemic” and it is a must hear keynote, no matter what side of the fence you might be on.

Zuby’s talks appeals to many different kinds of audiences. He’s spoken everywhere from college campuses to corporations, and has been a featured keynote speaker at large, multi day events, gracing the same stages with some of the worlds most popular speakers.  



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Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper is truly a 21st century renaissance man.

His mission is to connect with us, and collaborate with us, and perhaps, to help us… to facilitate what Kyle calls “this great awakening of humanity”, which is really just a unique collaboration together towards building new systems of governance and finance – to usher in a new era, creating more health, wealth and spiritual fulfillment for everyone. And yes, cryptocurrencies will be a big part of it.

Kyle is a visionary strategist, technologist, artist, and of course, a family-man. (More on that in his biography section; he has quite the pedigree!). He is also the founder of Swiss Key crypto wallet, and is the co-host of the new Love and Freedom Show. He is a serial entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, and an advisor to many projects – both big and small.

Kyle is committed to seeing the world have an easy and secure way to use and benefit from crypto, NFTs and blockchain – while assuring these technologies are used for the betterment of people- for liberty, for value creation, and abundant new systems that can change the world.

Kyle Kemper has been featured in major media, podcasts, and as a speaker at conferences. Right now he has published part 1 of his newest book as a booklet. In it, he explores how blockchain technology, DAOs, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) make liquid democracy and delegative democracy possible, and how we implement it to become radically abundant as a nation and as a civilization.


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Bruce Dickinson

747 Pilot, Aviation Businessman and incidentally, ROCK STAR lead singer of the legendary rock band icons, IRON MAIDEN. 

Bruce Dickinson is widely regarded as a true polymath, and for very good reason. He has a myriad of experience in business, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and creative thinking, alongside his larger-than-life persona as lead singer for Iron Maiden, all of which makes him unique in his ever-expanding professional fields and consequently being always in great demand, as a Keynote Speaker, to share the secrets of his proficiency, insight and knowledge. In fact, Bruce will be taking his Keynote Presentation / spoken word tour ‘An Evening With Bruce Dickinson’ on an extensive US and Canada run in early 2022, and hopefully beyond. He also did a recent “virtual” Ted talk – see the video below. 

And yes, Bruce has been known to fly the band on the 747 to various concert dates all over the world! 

Aside from his aviation and music accomplishments, some of Bruce’s other achievements include: an award-winning beer brewer, film scriptwriter, international fencer, TV presenter & sports commentator, and Sunday Times #1 best-selling author with the publication of his autobiography What Does This Button Do? 

Truly a new age iconoclast, there is much to learn from Bruce, and many takeaways from his talks. A throat cancer survivor, he discusses overcoming adversity and persevering when things look bleakest, especially for a rock singer! Though, while always inspirational, his wealth of business experience, rock star and aviation experience, the business takeaways are many as well – and encompassed in a talk with self deprecating humor, nuance, and infused with the energy and soul only a true hard rocker can bring.  To learn more click here.



Bruce Dickinson is widely regarded as a true polymath, and for very good reason. He has a myriad of experience in business, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and creative thinking, alongside his larger-than-life persona as lead singer for Iron Maiden, all of which makes him unique in his ever-expanding professional fields and consequently being always in great demand to share the secrets of his proficiency, insight and knowledge.

As a qualified pilot and commercial airline captain, Bruce took advantage of this know-how to set up his own aircraft business Caerdav (formerly Cardiff Aviation) to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft as well as pilot training. He has invested in the British manufacturer of the Airlander HAV (hybrid air vehicle), an eco-friendly helium airship currently in development which will be capable of transporting cargo or people to remote corners of the earth, and in Pouncer – an edible drone developed by Windhorse Aerospace which can carry humanitarian aid into hard to access disaster areas. Furthermore Bruce was recently appointed as an RAF honorary group captain in the prestigious 601 Squadron, a position which involves him giving advice, acting as an advocate and fulfilling an ambassadorial role.

Aside from his aviation and music accomplishments, some of Bruce’s other achievements include: an award-winning beer brewer, film scriptwriter, international fencer, TV presenter & sports commentator, and Sunday Times #1 best-selling author with the publication of his autobiography What Does This Button Do?

With this wealth of experience to draw upon for inspiration, Bruce delivers world class speeches to corporations around the globe, explaining how the challenges of operating in the seemingly disparate realms of rock music and commercial aviation mirror those of everyday business worlds, be it a multi-national corporation, local company or start-up initiative; emphasizing the importance of teamwork, communication, forward planning and recognizing that inevitable setbacks can and should be an incentive to learn, adapt and move on successfully.


Split into two parts, the first section of the keynote presentation sees Bruce taking a humorous and often satirical look at the world from his own very personal perspective, treating the audience to private insights into his drive and ambition, peppered with plenty of Maiden anecdotes, and a myriad of other experiences encompassing not just the giddy heights but also the extreme lows, told first-hand in his inimitable anarchic style, punctuated with photographs and sometimes even erupting into song acapella, to illustrate a point.

The final section of his talk is devoted entirely to a Q&A session, with the opportunity to pose questions on any subject whatsoever. As Bruce’s answers will all be completely improvised – the more left-field and quirky the question, the more interesting and compelling the response is likely to be!

Topics include: 

  • From Rock Star to Businessman
  • Turning Your Customers into Fans
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Culture
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Business Turnaround
  • Risk Management
  • The Travel & Aviation Industry
  • Team Building
  • The Life and Times of Bruce
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Business Creativity
Bruce was excellent, very entertaining and absolutely perfect for our marketing and media event.

-Literary Event Organisers

Armed only with his humor, charm and a simple slideshow, Bruce Dickinson offers an intimate idea of his dazzling life.

-Media Group

In a generally risk averse environment, it was inspiring to hear Bruce talking about risk and almost embracing it as a strategy for managing it and maximising on the opportunities it can bring.

-Travel Industry Forum

‘What Does This Button Do?’  is the long-awaited memoir from the larger-than-life, multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential and enduring rock bands ever.

Pioneers of Britain’s nascent Rock & Metal scene back in the late 1970s, Iron Maiden smashed its way to the top, thanks in no small part to the high-octane performances, operatic singing style, and stage presence of its second, but twice-longest-serving, lead singer, Bruce Dickinson.

Dickinson turns his unbridled creativity, passion, and anarchic humor to reveal some fascinating stories from his life, including his thirty years with Maiden, his solo career, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, his early bands, fatherhood and family, and his recent battle with cancer.

Bold, honest, intelligent and very funny, his memoir is an up-close look inside the life, heart, and mind of one of the most unique and interesting men in the world; a true icon of rock.

This book reached No. 1 on The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography list.


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Amanda Buhse

CEO & Chief Creative Officer Coal and Canary Inc. 

Amanda is a multi-award-winning marketing maverick, entrepreneur, speaker, and overall creative force – she is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Coal and Canary. A bona fide celeb in Western Canada, her influence is growing internationally – because her amazing creative efforts with Coal and Canary have been featured in numerous national and international media outlets including, Forbes, the GRAMMY, Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe swag bags, The Globe and Mail, Good Morning America, Cameron Diaz’ The Body Book, Style at Home, Canadian Living and many more.  Why? Because she has an amazing product, but mostly because she has an incredible story to tell. 

Coal and Canary was started at her kitchen table, with fifty bucks thrown in by her and her co-founder, who she subsequently bought out, so they can start their next company…, but we digress! So – How did Amanda go from hobby candle making at her kitchen table to having a candle in Oscar and Grammy Swag Bags? How did she pivot from selling her wares at live tradeshows and her brick and mortar location, to increasing online sales over 500% when the pandemic hit and shut her down? Now her company is doing 2 million in sales!

Amanda defines entrepreneurial resilience, creativity, digital marketing, and leading through difficult times.  So what can be learned from this inspirational dynamo? 

Takeaways from Amanda’s talks include: 

  1. Secrets to pivoting during turbulent times – the Coal and Canary way
  2. The future of retail in a post covid world.
  3. Leading a team when your business just became “Non Essential”.
  4. Inspiration from the kitchen table – you can do it, no matter what.
  5. Marketing and digital marketing innovation, and so much more. 

Amanda is a passionate voice in the Canadian female entrepreneurial scene with a mission to empower others to harness their personal strength, trust their intuition, and live fearlessly. Sharing her journey of overcoming personal tragedy, she has inspired audiences across the country to live a life of their own design by showing up in the world as the truest expression of themselves.  

A sneak peak testimonial: Amanda Buhse is a powerhouse – an incredible marketer, an inspiring female entrepreneur and an electric personality which combined makes her one incredible speaker.



Before starting Coal and Canary, Amanda worked as a graphic designer and marketing executive for companies both large and small in retail, fashion, and agency environments. These diverse experiences gave her a global perspective on what it takes to lead a brand, a business and a team.

She lives and breathes creativity and brings design brilliance to every aspect of business and life. This quality was a keystone in growing her brand from a $40 investment to be a multi-million dollar business. Forbes Magazine has since recognized Coal and Canary as “Canada’s favorite artisan candle” under Amanda’s leadership. 

Amanda has been recognized by her local and national peers as “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” (WBOM, 2019), “Volunteer of the Year” (Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, 2019), “Small Business of the Year” (TWAD, 2019), Spirit of Winnipeg Award winner and more. Her largest accolade to date came in early 2021, when Amanda was named a G20 YEA Canadian Delegate for the global G20 Summit hosted in Milan which will focus on COVID-19 socio-economic recovery, as well as a global renaissance, for inclusive, sustainable, and innovative prosperity. 

Amanda’s leadership and commitment to the small business community are evident as she acted Co-Chair of the Small Business Advisory Council (WCOC, 2019), and a Chamber representative chosen to sit on the Mayor of Winnipeg’s COVID-19 Business Task Force to advise on the COVID-19 related impacts felt by the Winnipeg business community.

Amanda is a passionate voice in the Canadian female entrepreneurial scene with a mission to empower other to harness their personal strength, trust their intuition and live fearlessly. Sharing her journey of overcoming tragedy, she has inspired audiences across the country to live a life of their own design by showing up in the world as the truest expression of themselves.

Amanda’s speaking engagements span a vast array of international clients including Wix, Verizon and numerous business and educational institutions. She is an in-demand speaker on the topics of marketing innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth.

In her spare time, you’ll find her creativity is alive and well whether its singing Whitney Houston ballads or prepping four-course meals for her friends and family. While she travels across North America regularly, she feels most at home with her loved ones at Brereton Lake in Manitoba.


From the Kitchen to the Oscar Bag

The business started as a way for two friends to reconnect. It’s now grown to be a multi-million dollar brand. How did Amanda Buhse take her project from kitchen-based production to a 10,000 square foot operation? Amanda breaks down the milestones and strategic decisions that took her from day one to year seven. She outlines how collaborations propelled the brand on its way forward. She gives a detailed account on how her products landed in the GRAMMY Award and Oscar celebrity gift bags. She tells her story – the behind-the-scenes one – that cascades through her highs, her lows and ultimately her triumph in entrepreneurship.

Business, Marketing & Leadership Lessons:

The Secrets to Coal and Canary’s Incredible Pivot

The biggest brands of the world are instantly recognizable. From colour, to feel to strategy, you know them when you see them. But how do you build that from the ground up? As one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, Amanda Buhse, details how graphic design, social media, strategic planning and company culture took her from a two person venture to a multi-million dollar operation. She shares the steps she took as a leader through the pandemic that ultimately doubled her annual revenue and streamlined her on and offline operations. How do you double sales, keep morale high and grow your business exponentially in the midst of global disruption? Amanda shares her wins, her learnings and her day-to-day that took the brand from her kitchen to 450 locations across North America.

Growing Through Loss, How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a life of your own Design

When your life collapses, how do you move forward? When everything you thought you wanted suddenly shatters, what are your next steps? And even before that, how do you even get out of bed in the morning? Many see Amanda  as a fearless, charismatic leader. She is those things, but in 20xx, the person you see today looked different as she crashed into her personal rock bottom. The ‘picture perfect’ family life she had mapped out was no longer an option. After her devastating personal loss, she had no choice but to pick up the pieces and find her way through the darkness. Amanda shares how this collapse changed her perspective and gave her the opportunity to rebuild a life of her own design. She shares how she shifted her mindset. How she grew beyond linear thinking. How she overcame expectations that others had of how she should live her life. Amanda shares her story as inspiration to women everywhere to live fearlessly and recognize your worth on the path to being the truest version of yourself.

The Future of Retail in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 stopped the world in its tracks and did something no amount of advertising could ever do. It rapidly changed consumer behavior and preferences. Globally, in a matter of months, it changed how we work, shop and live and the effects continue as we move into a post-COVID world. With e-commerce up 5% in the first quarter of 2021 alone, this trend is likely to here to stay, even as brick and mortar stores open for business. These trends are dramatically changing retail philosophy, and the retail experience, blending the digital and physical environments where retailers do business. From elevating your e-commerce experience to experiential marketing to click and mortar, Amanda dives into the trends taking shape and how business owners can thrive in the midst of exponential change.


“Amanda is one of those speakers you instantly relate to and want to be friends with. As a keynote speaker she leans on funny and memorable storytelling to educate us on marketing and building an international brand. As our Small Business Council Chair Amanda brought an engaging and bright energy on stage as our host and panel moderator during many events. “

— Elizabeth Cron, VP of Programs and Marketing, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Amanda Buhse is a powerhouse – an incredible marketer, an inspiring female entrepreneur and an electric personality which combined makes her one incredible speaker.

Joel Waterman, General Manager, Inn at the Forks 

“Amanda is a top notch speaker and my class was thrilled to have her join us. Amanda generously shared her inspiring story about bringing Coal and Canary to life, what it takes to build a loyal online community and keep it growing. Amanda was fully prepared, captured our attention and eagerly answered questions. She created an unforgettable experience and I’d have her back again in an instant!”

Kelly Thibodeau, Founder & Director, Squarely Social

Amanda Buhse is beyond admirable. I saw and heard her speak at a Babes who Brunch here in Winnipeg a few year’s back as the Keynote Speaker. She is a really great entrepreneur who definitely doesn’t hold back. Her success story is truly inspiring. Her energy is really infectious. Amanda works hard and took a chance on making her dreams a reality, every single day.  Amanda’s focus was to make what is invisible, visible, when it comes to your dreams, to believe in yourself and believe in the process! Her company started in her kitchen and has grown exponentially and  I am so inspired by her and her message.

– Leslie Nicole, Makeup Artist & LifeStyle Blogger

“Amanda is such a talented entrepreneur here in Winnipeg and we knew she would be an incredible instructor for our class that focuses on up-scaling wholesale for small business owners. She blew our expectations out of the water with her inviting personality, wealth of knowledge, kindness and passion. Our clients walked away from the class feeling confident about their future goals that were going to elevate their business going forward. Amanda is welcome back anytime to teach this same class as well as any other topics her experience applies to!” 

– Kyla Klassen, co-owner of The Kinship Studio

“Our clients had such a positive experience learning from Amanda. Not only was she incredibly engaging and authentic, but she offered personal and specific advice to each entrepreneur to make sure they were confident in their understanding before the class ended. She knows her value and more importantly, how to use it to benefit others.” 

Sara Ford, co-owner of The Kinship Studio

“I had been a huge fan of Coal and Canary for years, but didn’t know much about Amanda or the background of the company. Her unique and inspiring story coupled with her bright and bubbly personality, are what make her such a captivating speaker.” 

– Julia Grubert Van Iderstine / National Business School Conference Co-Chair

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