Gordon Chang

There are speakers who can talk about the Chinese economy…but then, there is Forbes Magazine contributor and columnist at The Daily Beast, Gordon Chang.

Gordon lived in China for 20 years and is the author of the book,  “The Coming Collapse of China”.  If you want to know what’s in store for China’s future( Politically, socially, and economically ), and how it might affect us in the West,  then Gordon Chang is a must hear.

His writings on China and North Korea have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the International Herald Tribune, Commentary, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and Barron’s.  Gordon once wrote in a Forbes column:

“Chinese leaders do not distrust us because they have insufficient contact with us.  They distrust us because they see themselves as the protector of a political system threatened by free societies and their vibrant economies. The mistrust is inherent in their one-party state.  It can never be relieved as long as the Communist Party remains in power.  As Ronald Reagan taught us, the nature of regimes matters.”


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J.J. McCullough

One look at that hair tells you this guy is not your father’s “un-left” quasi-conservative type. J.J. McCullough is an ex-pundit turned youtuber (with over 775k subscribers!) who defies all the stereotypes about what it means to be a… quasi-conservative Canadian Youtuber with a hip and decidedly funky edge.

J.J.’s unique west-coast perspective, unobstructed by the conventional wisdom of the country’s eastern “media elites”, J.J. calls Canada as he sees it, and what he sees is a nation often in denial about its unique problems.  From discriminatory bilingualism to a broken parliamentary system to the strange cult of Canadian anti-Americanism, immigration, Covid Policy and more, J.J. isn’t afraid to tackle the sacred cows too often deemed immune from criticism in Canada. Because really, as J.J. says… someone’s got to. Politics aside though, J.J.’s success lies in the fact there are a myriad of topics that he speaks about, and he has a sense of fun that separates him from other speakers, pundits and journalists. Over the past year, JJ has been speaking out against the Canadian Governments new Bill, Bill C-11. In fact, his expertise on the subject of this Bill is profound; so much so that he was invited to, and then delivered, his testimony at a Canadian Senate Hearing on the effects Bill C-11 will have, and why it will have a deleterious effect on all Canadians – not just those of us engaged on Social Media.

Also, you can now find J.J. writing about Canada in the Washington Post, as a global opinion contributing columnist. To see more of J.J.’s youtube videos, you can check out a number of his videos below, or go to his amazing Youtube channel, where he covers topics as “Speaking English” to the “History of American Ice Cream” to the Queen of England, and much, much more!


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Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy award winning investigative journalist, host of the Sunday morning news program “Full Measure,” who tries to give you information others don’t want you to have.  She says: “ What you do with it (the information) is your own business. Do your own research. Seek advice from those you trust. Make up your own mind”

Sharyl is the author of the New York Time’s Bestseller, “Stonewalled: My Fight For the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama’s Washington”   From the back of the book cover -…”Sharyl Attkisson fought tirelessly to uncover wrongdoing by those in power, whether major corporations, government officials, or presidential administrations of both parties. But when she started looking into stories involving the Obama administration’s mistakes and misjudgments in a series of high-profile cases—stories few in mainstream journalism would touch—she was confronted with the administration’s use of hardball tactics to discourage, block, and actively suppress her investigative work.”

This is a keynote speech you do not want to miss. 


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Joel Cohen

Emmy-winning Writer/Producer of The Simpsons.
Enlightening, and funny, Joel takes you inside the innovation process and team dynamics that have made this the most successful TV show in history. In his fascinating and wonderfully humorous presentations, he provides vibrant stories and key lessons to the show’s sustained creative process, group dynamics and culture of innovation. A hilarious speaker, Cohen draws links between running a business and keeping a hit show fresh. This most certainly will be the best time you will ever have at a speech.

As the Emmy award-winning writer and producer for The Simpsons, the longest-running American scripted primetime television series in history, Joel has been a key part of the show’s success. Since its debut on December 17, 1989, The Simpsons has broadcast more than 600 episodes, and was named by Time as “The greatest TV show of the 20th century.” 


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Kevin O’Leary

Top Business Speaker, Respected Investor, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Judge on ABC’s Shark Tank and CNBC’s Money Court Reality Show

Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, is one of the most dynamic speakers in the world – especially when it comes to money and the markets.

Money and marriage; money and entrepreneurship, money and investing; talking to your kids about money; money and taxes; money and why capitalism works. And most importantly, what it takes to Make Money.

What many don’t see on Shark Tank is that Kevin is also an expert commentator on the global financial markets. His latest venture, “O’Shares Investments” reflects his investing DNA: Buy stocks that pay dividends. Although – he has been known to discuss cryptocurrencies as of late, having as much as 20% of his portfolio invested in them!

Entertaining, fun, brutally honest and brilliant – Kevin’s keynote speeches are always a hit. Plus he’ll take the time to customize his keynote to suit your industry or organization. Call us to book Kevin for your next event – you will not be disappointed!


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Conrad Black

Author. Historian. Columnist. Investor. Intellectual Force. Founder of the National Post. Television Host. Member of the British House of Lords. There is only one man who could possibly fit all these descriptions, and it is one of Canada’s most distinguished figures: The iconic Lord Conrad Black.

Having just published his most recent books, “The Political & Strategic History of The World, Vol.1” in 2023, as well as “Forgotten History – Civil Rights in Canada”, “The Canadian Manifesto” in 2019, “Donald J. Trump: A president like no other” in 2018 and in 2016, “Backward Glances”, a collection of his articles and essays spanning his entire career, – on topics such as politics, culture, economics, and more – Lord Black is a must hear keynote speaker.

Whether the topic is judicial reform, geopolitics, or overcoming adversity in business and life, Lord Black is sure to inspire, educate and yes, entertain. He says exactly what he thinks, does not mince words, pulls no punches, and will defend his opinions with tenacity. A keynote or Fireside Chat with Lord Black could best be described as a talk about current events that blends in geopolitics mixed with historical perspectives, infused with a global point of view.

His latest endeavor in this regard is the “Scholars & Sense” show, a brand new bi-weekly podcast where he shares the mic with legendary conservative voices Victor Davis Hanson and Bill Bennett.  

UPDATE! Lord Black is now available for live and in person events in the United States. 


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